Simple identification method for pesticide quality

First, the identification of pesticide labels and packaging on the appearance of true and false
1. The pesticide label has strict requirements. The product name, pesticide certificate number, product standard number, production license or production approval number, and the effective content, content, product performance, toxicity, use, use method and production of the pesticide are specified. The date, expiration date, precautions, and manufacturer's name, address, zip code, and repacking unit, all of which are missing, should be questioned.
2. Judging from the name of the pesticide product. The product name on the label should be a generic name or a legal product name. At present, the names of pesticide products on the market are very chaotic. Some of them take the name of the product at will, and some of them are marked with the words fh, i, and compound. These are illegal names. Pesticide purchasers should carefully look at the label. If you are not sure about the name of the pesticide, don't buy it easily.
3, the same product specifications should be the same, the internal and external packaging should be intact and can not be damaged, each product packaging box is accompanied by a product certificate.
4. Bulk pesticide products cannot be purchased. Because production and business operators can be adulterated at any time, it is always difficult to deal with.
Second, identify the pros and cons from the form of pesticide substances
1, powder, temperature powder should be loose powder, no unity. If there is agglomeration or more graininess, it means that it has been damp, not only the fineness of the product is not required, but also the content of its active ingredient may change. If the color of the product is uneven, it may indicate a quality problem.
2. The emulsifiable concentrate should be a homogeneous liquid with no precipitation or suspended matter. If stratification and turbidity occur, or if the emulsion is diluted with water or has emulsified concentrate or precipitate, it may indicate that the quality of the product may be problematic.
3, suspensions, suspoemulsions should be a flowable suspension, no agglomeration, long-term storage, there may be a small amount of stratification, but should be able to restore the original state after shaking. If the product does not return to its original shape or remains agglomerated after shaking, there is a quality problem with the product.
4. If the tablet for fumigation is in powder form, it indicates that it has failed.
5, the water agent should be a homogeneous liquid, no precipitation or suspended matter, generally no turbidity, precipitation after dilution with water.
6, granule products should be uniform in thickness, should not contain many powders.
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