Basic structure of building intercom system

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The building intercom system is mainly composed of a host, an extension, a UPS power supply, an electric lock and a door closer. According to the type, it can be divided into direct-press type, digital type, digital type household pass, direct-press type video intercom, digital video intercom, digital type household video intercom and so on.


The host computer is the control core part of the building intercom system. The transmission signal of each extension and the electric lock control signal are controlled by the host computer. Its circuit board is shock-damped and installed, and is protected from moisture. It has strong anti-vibration and moisture-proof capability. With night lighting, the appearance is beautiful and generous.


The extension is a kind of talk machine, which is usually intercommunicated with the host. However, the current household intercom system is combined with the host to form an internal telephone system to complete the telephone contact of the users in the system, which is more convenient to use. It is divided into visual extensions, non-visual extensions. It has electric lock control function and monitoring function, which is usually installed at the door of the user's home, which is convenient for the residents to talk with the visitors.

UPS power supply

Its function is mainly to keep the building intercom system from power failure. Under normal conditions, it is in a state of charging. When the power is off, the UPS power supply is in the state of supplying power to the system. Now the building intercom system, manufacturers generally do not have UPS batteries, mainly the visual system consumes too much power, the general small capacity UPS battery can not guarantee the use time!

Electric lock

Its internal structure is mainly composed of electromagnetic mechanisms. The user can press the electric lock button on the extension to energize the electromagnetic coil, so that the electromagnetic mechanism can drive the connecting rod to control the opening of the gate. Door closer It is a special automatic closed door linkage. It has a regulator that adjusts the acceleration and force, making it easy to use and flexible.

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