How to buy security windows

The most important factor in the purchase of security windows is the stainless steel pipe material. The pipe determines the firmness of the security window. The high quality stainless steel pipe needs to meet two conditions.

First, whether stainless steel pipes meet national standards.

The small workshop produces the national standard for stainless steel pipes. The stainless steel pipe must contain a certain amount of nickel and chromium to ensure that the stainless steel does not rust. At present, the price of inferior stainless steel pipe with very low nickel content is only half of that of the national standard stainless steel pipe, but it is far less than the national standard stainless steel pipe in terms of rust prevention and sturdiness. Since stainless steel is generally not marked on the market, it is difficult to judge the quality of stainless steel. As a result, many small processors in the market use inferior stainless steel pipes to pretend to be of good quality stainless steel. This is a non-national standard trap.

Second, is the stainless steel pipe solid?

The thickness of the stainless steel pipe also determines the pressure resistance and firmness of the security window. Naturally, the thicker and stronger the pipe is, the difference in thickness between the thicknesses of 0.1 mm and the pressure resistance is hundreds of kilograms. For every 0.1mm of thickness, the cost per square meter is reduced by 20-30 yuan. In general, the strength of the security window of 0.6mm to 0.8mm thickness is sufficient, but the reason why so many protective windows are broken is because many small processors on the market use some 0.4mm pipes to impersonate 0.6mm. And 0.8mm tubing to deceive consumers, this is a huge trap.

So how to avoid these industry traps, buy real materials, value-for-money security windows?

In view of the current lack of supervision of small-scale processing households in the domestic security window market, it is necessary to test professionally whether the pipe meets the national standards. Therefore, we recommend that the brand security window be more quality assured when the general consumer purchases the protective window.

As a national brand anti-theft window brand on the market, Brellley has put forward the slogan of “how thick and thick, 20 years without rust”, which is the standard for the industry. The company strives to achieve excellence.

The parent company of Baoerli Baoding Far East Group has strong technical force and the annual production capacity of stainless steel pipe is 80,000 tons. It is the largest stainless steel profile production and processing base and professional technical talent training center in China. Every stainless steel pipe supplied to Brillley is produced in strict accordance with national standards. The original rare earth stainless steel pipe, in addition to the sufficient amount of chromium and nickel elements, also added rare earth minerals such as "镐, 铷, titanium", the pipe hardness is stronger, and the rust resistance is stronger. After the national professional test, the Breerley protective window can withstand up to 800 kilograms of destructive power and guarantee 20 years of light as new and no rust.

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