Solar panel power calculation method

The solar AC power generation system is composed of a solar panel, a charging controller, an inverter, and a battery; the solar DC power generation system does not include an inverter. In order for the solar power generation system to provide sufficient power for the load, it is necessary to select each component reasonably according to the power of the electrical appliance. Let's take the example of calculating the calculation method with 100W output power and 6 hours per day.

1. First calculate the watt-hours consumed per day (including the loss of the inverter): If the conversion efficiency of the inverter is 90%, then when the output power is 100W, the actual required output power should be 100W/90. %=90W; if used for 5 hours per day, the power consumption is 90W*5 hours=450Wh.

2. Calculate the solar panel: Calculate according to the daily effective sunshine time of 6 hours, and consider the charging efficiency and the loss during charging. The output power of the solar panel should be 555Wh/6h/70%=130W. 70% of them are the actual power used by solar panels during charging.

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