New type burning point steam turbine unit electronic parts sheet welding technology

Appropriate arc length can make the droplets overcome the surface tension of the liquid metal at the gap of the weld bevel under the action of arc blow, and fully transition to the back surface to ensure good forming of the back side of the bottom weld. At first, due to the small groove of the spring plate, the commonly used welding torch tip cannot be close to the root of the weld, and the arc length is too long. At the gap of the groove, the arc blowing force is insufficient to cause the droplet to overcome the surface tension of the liquid metal at the gap, and cannot directly transition to the back surface of the weld, resulting in difficulty in forming the back surface.

We made small diameter tips to shorten the arc length. At the same time, the back side of the groove = as shown in the figure, the rounded ceramic bar is attached, so that a smooth arc-shaped welding angle is formed on the back of the weld, and the double-sided forming of the single-sided welding is successfully completed. At the same time, it also effectively reduces the stress concentration at the weld. The bottom weld is almost equal on both sides of the groove, and the welding inclination is extremely small, no hammering is required, which was confirmed in the test.

The intermediate layer and the surface layer intermediate layer and surface layer are still semi-automatic gas shielded welding, BB welding wire, appropriate welding current, voltage and other welding parameters, the thickness of the weld layer is not more than > BB. For welding deformation, pre-weld preheating, multi-layer multi-step reflow soldering, and immediately after welding, hammering the weld to release welding stress are used to control.

The tangential spring plate welding process reasonable welding specifications must be combined with a reasonable welding process to produce high quality welding products. The welding process is continuously optimized during the test to determine the welding process that can be applied to the product. With the support ring spring plate mounting seat as the reference on the ruler, check that the ruler and the spring plate are misaligned. Spot welding For all spring plates, inward spot welding from both ends of the boss =>> long, using semi-automatic gas shielded welding, welding wire, appropriate welding current, voltage and other welding parameters. Starting from the weld, segment welding is performed and the segmented weld is hammered. Weld welding shall be welded in a straight line without interruption. Even if it is to the spot welding site, it shall continue to be welded. After hammering, the surface of the weld is polished with a grinding wheel, and the peripheral part of the weld is cleaned with a wire brush. Post-weld inspection and cleaning, painting the weld seam first self-test, and then according to the pattern inspection and quality inspection. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the foreign materials such as welding slag and welding beans, remove the protection, and clean the machine again with a vacuum cleaner. Brush the weld and the surrounding area.

The conclusion is more mature through the previous simulation welding test.

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