Grasp the watermelon and expand the melon

    In the period of expanding the melon, the watermelon is added in time to enter the period of expanding the melon. The amount of water needed for the water is increased. If the water is not supplied in time for the fertilizer, and the watermelon does not have enough water and nutrients, the growth is inhibited and the expanded melon is slow. In view of the above situation, the fertilizer and water supply should be strengthened in time. Generally, after entering the expanded melon period, water should be poured every 8~10 days, and water-soluble fertilizer should be applied with water, such as Le Bar, 5~8 kg per mu. If the melon farmer is worried about the cracked melon, the leaf can be sprayed with the whole nutrient-type foliar fertilizer, and the nutrients needed for the watermelon can be used to ensure the normal growth of the watermelon.

    Timely adjustment of the growth of watermelon vines, where the growth of the vines is too strong or too weak, the watermelons are slower. Because the vegetative growth of watermelon is too strong, it will lead to the inhibition of reproductive growth, that is, when the watermelon is inflated, it will not get enough nutrients, which will cause the watermelon to grow slowly. The vegetative growth of the plants is weak, and the photosynthesis products produced by the photosynthesis of the leaves are few, so that the supply of nutrients required for the growth of the fruits is insufficient, and the watermelons are also slower. In this regard, it is recommended that melon farmers adjust the growth of the vines in time for the growth of their own watermelons. For the long watermelon, the temperature in the shed should be strictly controlled. It can also be taken by topping or foliar spraying of chlormequat and paclobutrazol to control the growth of the plant. For those that are too weak to grow, it is necessary to replenish water and fertilizer in time.

    Be careful not to damage the melon vine due to mechanical damage, pests, bruises, treads and other external causes of watermelon melon vine injury, affecting its robust growth, resulting in slower expansion of watermelon, and even produce deformed melons. In this regard, we should promptly control pests and diseases, and minimize the damage caused by external causes, so as to ensure that the growth of watermelon is not affected.


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Euro Fence is a special design for fencing purpose. It is original from Europe and becomes very popular all over the world. It is ideal for private garden, parking lot, landscaping closure and so on. It is the perfect fencing products of easily installation, low cost and good appearance.


This design is featured at the crimped horizontal wire and reinforced selvedge at the top and bottom. It is considerate that our horizontal wire is properly crimped for the rain drop to fall easily. We have PVC coated type and hot dipped type available in our stock. We use galvanized inner wire for the PVC coated type for outdoor application. Dark Green (RAL 6005) is the common color.

 Euro Fence

Wire Diameter


Mesh (mm)


2" x 2"

50mm x50mm


2" x 3"

50mm x 75mm


2" X 4"

50mm x 100mm

Special specifications are available
Common Height for fencing: 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.0m


Application: Euro Fence is used as fencing, decoration or protection for various facilities in industry, agriculture, infrastructure, transport, etc.


Euro Fence

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