Drafting of the graphite industry standard access conditions framework completed

Abstract Recently, it was learned from China Graphite Industry Association that the association has completed the drafting of the “Graphic Industry Standard Access Conditions Framework”. This framework starts from 32 aspects, making the newly-entered graphite enterprises and the graphite enterprises that have been formed but have no energy-saving emission reduction and deep processing technology look...

Recently, it was learned from the China Graphite Industry Association that the association has completed the drafting of the “Graphic Industry Standard Access Conditions Framework”. This framework starts from 32 aspects, making the newly involved graphite enterprises and the graphite enterprises that have been formed but have no energy saving, deep processing technology deterred. The graphite industry access conditions have been adhered to and advocated by the graphite industry association in recent years. In the past two years, the voice of the industry enterprises has become more and more high. What kind of favorableness can the industry standard bring to the development of the industry?

Yan Zhixiang, an expert in the graphite industry, said that China is a big country in graphite. With the continuous expansion of graphite applications, in recent years, as long as there is graphite, there is mining and digging of enterprises, which has created a situation of indiscriminate mining, which not only wastes resources and damages the environment. And these indiscriminate small enterprises also sell graphite at a very low price, disrupting the normal order of the graphite market, and making graphite companies compete for price wars. The reason is mainly because the industry has no entry barriers.

Han Yufeng, chairman of Aoyu Graphite Group Co., Ltd. said that in the absence of industry access standards, enterprises are currently facing difficulties. Not only are deep processing projects difficult, but they are also affected by prices, making it difficult to guarantee profits and benefits. If there is industry access standards, and the rational allocation of resources for the deep processing projects already in place, the normal production and rapid development of the company can be guaranteed, and the graphite industry chain of Aoyu Graphite Group can be scaled to realize the “graphite valley” of China. desire.

It is understood that the graphite industry has a price war because there is no industry standard, which makes the formal enterprises in the industry "very hurt". At this point, Sun Yahui, general manager of Inner Mongolia Wulate Zhongqi Haojun Industrial Co., Ltd. has the most say. Sun Yahui said that the proven graphite reserves in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region are 300 million to 400 million tons. Haojun Industrial has always adhered to the principle of rational planning and standard mining, laying a good foundation for the extension of the industrial chain. At present, due to the lack of industry access conditions, mature enterprises such as Haojun Industrial are very passive. Due to low-cost indiscriminate mining and low-price sales, price wars have caused companies to lose profits, and the state has reduced taxes.

Sun Yahui also said that if there are industry access conditions, all enterprises operating graphite will develop at a starting line, and the price of graphite will be stable. Enterprises can better invest in deep processing to produce high-end graphite products and make the whole graphite. The industry achieves healthy and rapid development.

Wang Qinghai, general manager of Heilongjiang Aoxing Energy Technology Co., Ltd., which is also plagued by price wars, also believes that in the current recovery of the graphite industry, most of the enterprises are expanding their production for the immediate benefit. From the perspective of long-term interests, graphite enterprises must meet the objectives of high technical equipment level, high process flow, high environmental protection standards, and long-term industrial chain. It is necessary to raise the threshold for entry and set industry standards and access conditions.

Wang Qinghai said that for enterprises preparing for the graphite project to be restricted, the graphite ore dressing enterprises that have already started production should also limit their production and cannot allow unlimited growth in output. At the same time, for enterprises that have already gone through deep processing projects, the government should allocate resources as soon as possible so that deep processing enterprises can have resource guarantees, so that they can achieve high quality, scale development and increase product added value. Only by standardizing conditions can we take the brand road and better protect national resources. At the same time, China's graphite industry should be in line with international standards and be in line with international graphite industry standards.

Also known as Wang Qinghai, Yue Xinqing, general manager of Hubei Yichang New City Graphite Co., Ltd. Yue Xinqing suggested that the relevant government departments should raise the management level of large-scale graphite resources. For those small-scale reserves and the development and utilization plans of local-issuing enterprises, they must be examined and filed by the expert group of the national first-level association; the original innovative enterprises should be funded. And policy support, such as resource allocation and taxation inclination; support for environmental protection and innovation and purification technologies, establishment of industrialization demonstration bases, and scientific and technological strategic development planning. However, these preconditions are to improve the conditions for resource access, strictly control the development qualifications of enterprises, and greatly improve the entry barriers for the industry, and ensure that new graphite resources are no longer used during the 12th Five-Year Plan period. At the same time, we must encourage the development and integration of the two systems of state-owned and private enterprises, and avoid the reorganization of the original state-owned system.

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