Good room feng shui porch decoration to solve

In 2013, how to bring good luck to yourself in the second half of the year? Studying the feng shui of the lucky house, starting from the renovation of the entrance.

Feng Shui believes that the entrance is the closest to the gate, and its structure and decoration are particularly important. A good porch can bring wealth and good luck to the home. The slogan of bad feng shui can not only add wealth to the home, but also make it easy for the home to lose money and let the home inhale the fierce atmosphere.

In order to make your own fortune, in the decoration of the entrance, pay attention to the following four points:

Method / step

the first:

The entrance is the main passage for the entrance and exit of the house. The smooth airflow on the walls and floors is unobstructed. Therefore, the porch wall should be smooth. If the protruding stone is used as the porch wall decoration material, the unevenness means that the fortune is not smooth, and there will be many obstacles in the house transportation, which must be avoided as much as possible. It is generally recommended to use smooth glass or marble materials as the porch wall. If you need to do a wall cabinet or a screen, you need to use smooth as a major premise.


The ceiling of the porch should not be low, and if the ceiling on the porch is too low, it will make people feel oppressive. This is a bad sign in the wind and water, which symbolizes that the family is under pressure and is hard to come by. The high ceiling allows the air to circulate, which is also beneficial to the wealth of the house.


Regardless of the size of the home, the entrance as a home of the heavy air, should try to make a larger area. The porch is mainly to prevent the gas inside from being washed away by the outside gas. After washing away, people are easy to lose money and lose. The small entrance area is too restrictive, and the area of ​​the entrance is increased, so that the wealth of entering the house can be gathered for a long time.


The spacing of the entrances is generally used for porch cabinets, glass, and shelf. However, it should be noted that the interval between the entrances must be “lower than the sky”. The tightly closed ones cannot prevent the leakage of household wealth, while the transparent upper part is conducive to the translucency and breathability of the home, which is conducive to wealth entering the house. The size of the entrance spacing is most suitable for a height of about 2m (the sealed part). Too high will hinder the entry of wealth into the house. If it is too short, it will not play a corresponding role in fortune.

The good feng shui porch structure is the basis for enhancing the fortune. Starting from the porch decoration, you will have good luck in the second half of the year.

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