Environmental awareness enhances the development of plastic packaging innovation

[ Jiuzhi Plastics News] No matter which kind of plastic packaging is used , it must meet the requirements of green packaging: reduce waste pollution; solve environmental problems of solvents; recycle and reuse. Green packaging that meets environmental requirements and is free of pollution will receive more and more attention from the society. Therefore, we should vigorously develop green packaging, do a good job in the recycling of packaging waste and the recycling of resources to achieve sustainable development requirements.
The fast-paced, environmentally-conscious consumer market will continue to drive innovation in the plastic packaging industry. The research results show that the global packaging industry market value is 700 billion US dollars, of which plastic packaging accounts for about one-third of the market share, reaching 250 billion US dollars, has become the largest plastics market in the United States. The unique properties of plastics make plastic packaging an option for many manufacturers to provide environmentally friendly and inexpensive packaging solutions.
The plastic is tough enough to withstand the transport pressure; it also filters out the smallest dust particles. If we don't use plastic for packaging, we can only choose paper, cardboard, glass and metal for packaging. For example, paper, cardboard, glass and metal require 64 million tons of materials per year, increasing energy consumption by 80% and increasing the carbon footprint by 130%.
Plastic packaging will be lighter and lighter, reducing weight. Lightweight means producing packaging with less packaging materials, reducing weight on packaging, and being profitable for the environment and the enterprise. Generally, plastic bottles and plastics Types of containers such as cans, plastic hoses, and plastic covers are more likely to achieve weight reduction goals.

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