China's first copolyester device to produce qualified products

China's first copolyester device to produce qualified products At 10:00 on October 18th, the first domestic copolyester unit produced qualified products at Liaoyang Petrochemical Company. This marked the copolyester industrialization pilot project of one of the Group's ten major scientific research and development projects and achieved a successful start.

PETG copolyester is a modified monomer raw material of 1,4-cyclohexane dimethanol as a polyester, and a new type of polyester chip developed has the characteristics of good transparency, high toughness, and good impact resistance. It is a green product. PETG copolyester can be widely used in the fields of transparent plastic plates, sheets, films, containers, etc. It is an alternative product of high-grade poly carbon (PC) and polymethacrylate (organic glass), and a polyester industry of PetroChina. Replacement plays an important role, has broad market prospects, high added value of downstream products, and considerable economic benefits.

Liaoyang Petrochemical began to independently research and develop PETG copolyester in 2002. It has completed pilot, pilot and industrial trial production, and has broken through several key technologies such as composite catalyst preparation technology and continuous production process technology.

The 100,000-ton PETG copolyester industrialization test project is an industrial upgrade project that Liaoyang Petrochemical uses its own intellectual property rights to improve the competitiveness of the polyester industry. Liaoyang Petrochemical's smooth production of PETG copolyester will break the monopoly of foreign companies on this product and fill the gap in China's high-end polyester products. The successful launch of this device will play an important role in promoting the high-end breakout of China Petroleum's polyester industry, and it will be of great significance in enhancing the efficiency of polyester products.

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