The new technology of smelting vanadium aluminum alloy by Hegang Steel obtained the national invention patent

According to the bulk non-ferrous net reprint: Recently, Hebei Iron and Steel Group Chenggang another independent intellectual property rights method - electric silicon thermal method of smelting vanadium aluminum alloy obtained national invention patent.

Vanadium aluminum alloy is an important alloy additive used in the production of aviation-grade titanium alloys. It is also an important raw material for smelting non-ferrous superalloys and vanadium. It has a good application prospect and high added value. It is a high-end product of vanadium product series. The proprietary smelting technology of vanadium and aluminum alloy with independent intellectual property rights is of great significance for adjusting the product structure.

Previously, the United States and Germany used vanadium and aluminum alloys to adopt the "two-step method", and most of them adopted the "one-step method." However, there are problems such as low yield of vanadium, low yield, and splashing during the smelting process. The process of smelting vanadium aluminum alloys by electric silicon thermal method developed by Chenggang has adopted the method of adding raw materials in stages, which has increased the vanadium yield from 85% to over 95% and the vanadium content in tailings from 8%-9% to below 2%. , greatly reducing the cost and improving product quality, and the smelting process does not produce splashes, with good economic and social benefits.

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