Leakage Protector Tester Measurement Methods and Use Procedure Considerations

Leakage current protector tester is mainly used to test the leakage current, leakage current, and leakage action time of leakage protector. The test current is 0-500mA divided into ten files, time test range is 0-799ms, 16 character blue screen. Liquid crystal display, the tester is a handheld, small size, light weight, easy to carry, is the best test instrument for on-site or indoor leakage detector.

Leakage Protector Tester Measurement Methods and Procedures Disconnect the load leads of the leakage protector under test to prevent damage to the load-side appliance.

1. Turn on the “ON/OFF” button to turn on the power of the instrument. The 15mA indicator on the upper left is on, and the LCD on the top shows MANUAL000ms (Note: MANUAL=Manual)

2. Check the rated value on the nameplate of the tested leakage switch (the rated operating current of the general indoor type single-phase two-wire leakage protector is 30MA, the rated non-action current is 15MA, and the breaking time is ≤0.1s (that is, ≤100ms).

3, press the "Shift" button, the top two rows of 10 indicators light cycle, adjust to the above 30mA file, that is, the corresponding indicator light flashes.

4. Insert the red plug of the test stick into the socket of the “L test line”. Insert the black plug into the black socket of the “N test line”. The other end of the black plug cable is a black alligator clip and clamp it to the test. Earth leakage protector on the ground pile. 5, will test the red plug of the table plug the other head of the meter to the leakage protection of the next pile head corresponding to the FireWire (220V), this time, the normal leakage protection device will trip breaking, this time the LCD screen is directly above the display “MANUALxxxms (Note: MANUAL=Manual, xxx is the break time value of the measured leakage protector). If it does not trip, the LCD will show “MANUALfauat” (fauat=Failed)

6. Check that the measured data meet the values ​​specified on the nameplate.

7. Press the “Reset” green button to reset the meter data to zero and enter the original state of the power-on. Prepare for the next test. If you want to continue testing, repeat 1-7 above.

Leakage protector tester Note 1, "test line L" and "test line N" must not be wrong, the red test pen corresponds to L 200V (FireWire), black test pen corresponds to N ground pile, sometimes loose ground (poor grounding ) will also cause the test to fail, please pay attention!

2. When the “ON/OFF” button is turned on, if it is found that the indicator light is dark and the LCD screen is not displayed, it may be caused by a battery shortage. You can use the Phillips screwdriver to remove the battery back cover and replace the battery of the same type on the back of the instrument. 6v battery)

3, in the use, carry the process, should be gently, without strong bumps, vibration, fall, and should prevent the erosion of chemical reactants.

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