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How much do you know about book anti-theft knowledge? With the continuous development of science and technology, the library open management reflects the great progress of the library in adapting to the development of the times in terms of facilitating readers' freedom of choice, improving the utilization rate of library reading, and improving the efficiency of library work, but at the same time, Disadvantages arising from the open service - losing books and tearing pages are also prominent problems in management. How to fully consider the characteristics of the open service in the layout of the library, give full play to its superiority, and take various auxiliary measures to reduce the inconvenience caused by the open service is a topic worthy of discussion for every library worker.
As a direct and effective anti-theft measure, the electromagnetic wave book anti-theft system has been unanimously recognized by the library in practice.

Knowledge of book anti-theft device
Book anti-theft knowledge
1 The book anti-theft special consumables-magnetic strips are stuck in the book gap, which is very concealed.
2 Install the book anti-theft antenna at the library's lending channel or the main entrance
3 The books that are normally used for borrowing are invalidated by the special degaussing device or delivered from the side of the anti-theft antenna, and the borrowing is completed.
4 Books that are not properly processed (books with magnetic strips) are exported. The anti-theft antenna detects the non-demagnetized books and sounds a sound and light alarm. The borrower reissues the borrowing procedure.
Book anti-theft device working mode
Book shunting
After the reader selects the required book, the reader will transfer the book selected by the reader from the side of the anti-theft system after the borrowing and registration process, and the book does not go through the anti-theft system.
After going through the formalities, go through the anti-theft system and take the book away from the side of the anti-theft antenna.
The characteristics of this way of working are:
1 The workbench is very close to the anti-theft device or simply close to the anti-theft device, and the workbench is at the door;
2 anti-theft consumables are cheap, no degaussing;
Anti-theft device selection: single (double) anti-theft antenna + permanent magnet magnetic strip (recommended to choose 12 or 16CM permanent magnet magnetic strip)
Degaussing carrying method (total entrance and exit method)
When the readers go through the lending procedures, the librarian removes the magnetics on the books through the degaussing device during the lending process. The readers pass the anti-magnetic books through the anti-theft system, such as books that have not been properly processed, the anti-theft system. Then an alarm.
The characteristics of this way of working are:
1 The workbench is far from the exit of the reading room;
2 Consumables require corresponding degaussable magnetic strips and degaussing equipment;
Anti-theft device selection: single (double) anti-theft antenna + charging degaussing (or degaussing board) + rechargeable degaussing strip (recommended to choose 12 or 16CM can be used to degauss magnetic strip)
If you need to detect the presence of magnetic strips in the book when you return the book, you can choose the return meter.
The role of the book anti-theft device
Prevent theft
The book anti-theft system has changed the way of "man-to-man" and "people see goods". It uses high-tech means to give books a self-defense capability, and implements security measures on every book to completely solve the problem of book theft. The installation of the book anti-theft system is more than 90% lower than the anti-theft system.
Simplified management
The book anti-theft system can effectively simplify the task of the librarian and improve work efficiency.
Improve the atmosphere of the reading room
In the past, the "people-to-people" approach has made many readers feel uncomfortable. The book anti-theft system can create a relaxed and easy learning environment for readers, allowing them to read books freely and without any restrictions, greatly improving the relationship between the reading room and the readers.
Deterrent effect
The book anti-theft system prevents some customers from “hands-on” behavior in a tough and polite manner, avoids disputes caused by human factors, and respects the interests of the reading room while respecting human rights. For theft, the book anti-theft system is psychologically given. It caused a huge deterrent, and the "one mind difference" was dispelled.
beautify environment
The book anti-theft system itself is a high-tech product. Its beautiful appearance and sophisticated production process can be integrated with the modern and magnificent decoration to achieve the effect of “the icing on the cake”. While protecting the books, it also beautifies the reading room. The environment is a high-end library showing the economic strength and technological content of the iconic equipment, is the inevitable trend of the development of modern libraries. [1]

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