The fastest subway in the country was born: the feeling of flying

Metro vehicles also play high-value, the first subway car in China with airport-specific cars! Yesterday, the reporter learned from CRRC Zhuji Co., Ltd. that on July 4th, the first train of the Shenzhen Metro Line 11 was called the highest subway train in China.

Soon after, the train will be on the 11th line of the Shenzhen Metro, which is a dual mission of the Airport Express Line and the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Intercity Rail Line. In addition to creating a domestic subway vehicle to set up an airport-specific car, its fastest speed, largest grouping, and lowest noise make it the “Gao Fu Shuai” in the subway train family.

Most comfortable: the fastest speed super large group subway

Different from the previous subway trains using 3 or 6 sections, the Shenzhen Metro Line 11 trains are oversized 8-segment A-type vehicles, of which 6 are grouped into ordinary cars and 2 are airport-specific cars. The maximum passenger capacity of the train is 2,564.

The speed of general subway trains is 80 km, 100 km and 120 km. The design speed and operating speed of this type of train can reach a maximum of 120 km. Therefore, it is the fastest super-large group subway train in the country at the moment.

In order to adapt to the comfort of ultra-long-distance rides, the most outstanding design of the train interior is to create a precedent for setting up airport-specific cars on subway trains.

The airport's proprietary car seats are horizontally like high-speed rails. The entire ceiling of the car is a ceiling light with a blue sky and white clouds “panoramic skylights”. At the foot is a blue floor with a pan-starting point, a dynamic site reporting screen, and a Chinese traditional culture. Lanzhuju's side wall decoration, combined with humanized facilities and good mute effect, passengers will feel very comfortable in the large compartment.

Most environmentally friendly: braking energy can be recycled

Liu Youmei, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and director of the expert committee of CSR Zhuzhou Machinery Co., said that “green and smart” has become the future development trend of modern rail transit. The introduction of the car expert Qu Ocean introduced that the train's biggest manifestation in green energy saving is the vehicle's noise reduction and braking energy recycling.

In order to achieve the best noise reduction effect, the technical experts have adopted various means to reduce noise, such as adding a "noise reduction ring" made of special materials on the wheels of the subway train, and the vehicle body adopts a large section hollow aluminum profile, etc. The type of train has become the best subway train in China.

In addition, this type of train adopts the variable frequency variable-pressure traction drive system independently developed by China CRRC. When the brakes are used, the electric power sent out will be fed back to the power grid through the most advanced electric brake technology. The interior lighting saves more than 30% of electricity compared to conventional lighting. The car interior air conditioner uses intelligent technology, the vehicle can automatically adjust the air conditioning cold air gear position according to the number of passengers, to achieve more people to blow more hair, less people to blow hair, to achieve energy-saving goals.

The train is equipped with an airport-specific carriage, the seats are horizontally arranged, and the entire ceiling is a ceiling light with a blue sky and white clouds "panoramic skylight", which is very comfortable when riding.

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