Security concept


Security system (SPS) security & protection system In order to maintain social public safety, the use of security products and other related products constitutes an intrusion alarm system, video security monitoring system, access control system, BSV LCD video wall system, Access control fire protection systems, explosion-proof safety inspection systems, etc.; or electronic systems or networks in which these systems are combined or integrated as subsystems.

The security system is defined as the security & protection system (SPS) in the domestic standard, while the foreign is more called the Loss prevention & crime prevention. Loss prevention is the task of the security industry, and crime prevention is the responsibility of the police law enforcement department.

Two concepts

The security mentioned in Chinese has two explanations of Safety and Security in English. The modern high-level English-Chinese dictionary published by Oxford University explains the main words of Safety: safety, security, security, insurance (lock), insurance (box), etc.; and the main interpretation of the word Security is: safe, non-hazardous No worries, providing safe things, exempting dangers or worries, collateral, collateral, security (police), security (forces), etc.

The security in Chinese is a kind of generalized security. It includes two meanings: one refers to the security of natural attributes or quasi-natural attributes, which corresponds to the safety in English, and the other refers to the safety of social humanities, that is, there are obvious artificial The security of the property, which corresponds to Security. The destruction of the security of natural or quasi-natural attributes is not primarily caused by the purposeful participation of human beings; the social humanity destruction is mainly caused by the purposeful participation of human beings. Therefore, in a broad sense, security should include the two meanings of Safety and Security, and we often say that security is mainly referred to as narrow security security, and foreign countries are usually called "security."

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