How much is the external wall tiles? What are the dimensions of a square of external wall tiles?

When decorating a room, we often use many building materials products, which make our house more beautiful and colorful. For example, ceramic tiles have an irreplaceable role in home improvement. Not only indoor decoration but also outdoor decoration Ceramic tiles are also used. Exterior wall tiles have a good protection for the wall. People must consider the durability when buying exterior wall tiles. So how much is one square meter for exterior wall tiles ? Below Just take a look with the editor.

What is an external wall tile

This type of product is mainly suitable for the external surface of the building. It differs from our commonly used interior wall tiles in that it has a rough surface, strong weather resistance, and high hardness. Therefore, it is sometimes used in interior decoration because it has a rough taste. It is widely used in life.

How much is one square for the external wall tiles

1. For this kind of material, it is divided into many categories, and different categories and brands will affect the price to a certain extent. For example, the categories include glazed bricks, ceramic tiles, matte bricks, imitation stone bricks, antique bricks, and splits. Bricks, printed bricks, etc., among which Eagle brand ceramic platinum polished tile E0DA-0 sells for about 718.8 yuan per square meter, and the price of Canca Mallorca series S-707-W1 exterior wall antique brick at 1320.69 yuan per equal.

2. When paving, the price will generally be divided into two categories, one of which is contract work and materials, the price is about 30 ~ 50 yuan per square meter, mainly depends on the quality of the material and the construction process, and the other is not For package materials, the simple labor price ranges from 20 to 30 yuan per square meter. In fact, this also depends on the material and construction process.

How much is one square for the external wall tiles: the size of the wall tiles

1. From the current market situation, the size of these products is relatively large, usually 10 * 10cm, 15 * 15cm, 5 * 10cm, 5 * 15cm, 20 * 20cm, 20 * 30cm, 30 * 30cm, 30 * 45cm, 30 * 60cm, these are the specifications of exterior wall tiles for home decoration and some public decoration.

2. Generally speaking, the size of this type of bricks is 23 * 48mm, of course, there are other 45 * 45mm, 45 * 95mm, 45 * 145mm, which is the specifications of 45mm series of external wall tiles; It is used for decoration and decoration of shopping mall buildings, such as 100 * 100mm and 200 * 400mm. These are relatively large specifications and can be used for large-scale building decoration.

3. It is best not to paste directly on the pavement of such products, otherwise it is easy to fall off. It is recommended to knock down the original old bricks and then paste them. If the splicing angle is very flat, it means that the brick is very flat, and the original edge of the brick must be used for collage.

Summary: Okay, the above is about how much is one square meter for external wall tiles , I hope to provide you with some help, I believe that in the future process of external wall tiles, friends will be more handy and build their own satisfaction effect.

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