70 square meters interior decoration budget 70 square meters interior decoration notes

Due to rising housing prices, many people will prefer those small-sized houses when buying a house. At present, the sale of 70 square meters of houses on the market is very hot, which is the first choice for many families of three. So what is the budget for 70 square meters of interior decoration, what should we pay attention to for the 70 square meters of interior decoration , the following article will introduce it to you.

70sqm interior decoration budget: hydropower renovation

1. Water pipe laying

The laying price of the sewing kitchen water pipe for 70 square meters of interior decoration is usually around 1,000 yuan, the laying price of the bathroom water pipe is about 1,300 yuan, and the cost of other accessories is about 300 yuan.

2. Circuit laying

At present, the cost of laying home circuits is about 38 yuan / m.

70sqm interior decoration budget: wall project

1. Primary treatment

The price of the wall base treatment is relatively low, usually only about 3-5 yuan / ㎡.

2. Latex paint stucco

The latex paint on the wall is painted, and the price of materials plus labor costs is about 20 to 30 yuan / ㎡.

70sqm interior decoration budget: ground engineering

1. Ground leveling

The price of 70 square meters of indoor ground leveling is usually 35 yuan / ㎡.

2. Floor tiles

The price of floor tiles is usually around 80 to 120 yuan / ㎡.

3. Floor

The price of laminate flooring is usually around 90 yuan / ㎡.

70sqm interior decoration budget: kitchen and bathroom decoration

1. Cabinet

At present, the price of cabinets in the market is about 700 to 100 yuan / Yanmi

2. Sanitary ware

The price of a set of mid-end sanitary ware is usually around 3000 to 5000 yuan.

3. Ceiling

Kitchen and bathroom ceiling prices are around 50 to 60 yuan square meters.

4. Waterproof

The price of kitchen and bathroom waterproof construction is about 15 to 25 yuan ㎡.

Notes on interior decoration of 70 square meters

1. Style

Because the interior space of the 70-square-meter house is limited, it is best to choose a simple decoration style, which is more practical and the space looks more spacious.

2. Roof

The 70-square-meter house has a small space. It is best not to use the suspended ceiling design. It is better to paint it. At the same time, the roof color is preferably bright.

3. Wall

The wall surface of a 70-square-meter house can be decorated with wallpaper, because the wallpaper is rich in color and has a variety of styles, which has a strong decorative effect.

4. Floor

It is better to choose darker wood floors for the floor, which can better set off the wall and make the interior space look more beautiful.

Summary of the article: The above is the relevant introduction about 70 square meters of interior decoration budget and 70 square meters of interior decoration considerations. I hope that everyone can have a certain understanding of the cost and skills of small apartment decoration, so that your small apartment house design is more reasonable and beautiful .

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