American modern decoration style features American modern decoration price?

Nowadays, many people want to decorate their own houses, design themselves or go to designers to design and design their own houses according to their own ideas. The current house has a lot of styles and styles, such as: modern minimalist style, American style, Mediterranean style, European style, etc., some people like American modern decoration style, what is the American modern decoration style ? What is the price? What is the price of American modern decoration style?


Let's first look at the introduction of the characteristics of modern American style.

The American style is the American style of decoration and decoration. The United States used to be a British colony, so many times it said that the United States became the colonial word. And the United States is an immigrant country, and many people from all over the world have come to live in the United States. It also brought the decoration style of each place to the United States. The land in the United States is broad, the houses are large, and the population of the United States is small. Therefore, the American-style home decoration is very large and comfortable.

The normal situation is that once you enter the households, you can see the style of our decoration and the layout of the furniture. The living room and the restaurant should be in sight. The material suppliers who choose to make furniture are relatively hard, the gloss is very strong, and it looks gorgeous. The restaurant and the kitchen are all connected, and many people are decorated in an open style. The kitchen area is larger than our Chinese room, and the American menu is relatively simple. Our American kitchen is also very powerful. The width of the kitchen allows us to cook with our friends and to reflect the open character of the Americans. And the kitchen and dining room and living room are the same, these three areas have become the focus of our house.


Half of the bedroom is not as open as the living room decoration, and the materials are softer. The materials selected are relatively comfortable and warm. It creates a warm atmosphere for our family and makes us more harmonious between our families. TV and other entertainment items can be placed inside, we can play with our children in our living room, have a happy picture.

1. The American style is generally made of solid wood furniture. It has more classical features, and the nostalgic feeling is also very strong. The American style is also quite random. The lines are also relatively smooth, the American style gives a smooth feeling, and his appearance also gives a luxurious, atmospheric, noble atmosphere. But there is no lack of classical temperament.


2, advocating classical charm

The most common furniture for American furniture is neoclassical furniture. This type of furniture, the focus of the design is more elegant, the design of the streamline is also very comfortable. Not only retains the characteristics of classical furniture, but also has the characteristics of modern style.

Let's look at the introduction of modern American style prices.

The American style is the decoration of the rich people. The general size of the house is very large, and the hard clothes are also more, the shape is more, the overall looks a bit bloated, the furniture is also very large, they are more occupied. The decoration space is also very crowded. If you like American style, we can mix and match, as for the price. There is no upper limit or no limit on the price of the decoration. It depends on what style we like and let the designer give me an estimate. To measure the standard in my heart.

The modern American style decoration is characterized by pride. generous. But there is no lack of elegance and exquisiteness. The price is also relatively expensive. We have to consider it as appropriate. For more exciting home improvement information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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