[Usually U House French furniture brand introduction] allows you to understand the different home style

Origin of the brand: U BRAND U HOME French furniture originated from the pure French brand of Paris. It was inspired by the southern part of France, which boasts three views of Provence, the Cote d'Azur and Paris. It advocates a kind of leisure and leisure. , simple and stylish life.

Brand Philosophy: U BRAND U HOME, advocates “Excellence Philosophy”, that is to say, “Quality, Excellent Brand, Excellent Quality, Elegant Quality” and “Noble Feelings, Fashion Elements, Extravagance and Style” "With innovative ideas, superb craftsmanship, a rich product line and three-dimensional accessories, we have created a simple, simple, elegant and tasteful petty bourgeoisie atmosphere.

All along, France is synonymous with romance, civilization, and fashion.

In the south of France, it is a must-see place in life. There are three most beautiful places there - the French Riviera, Provence and Paris. The sunny Riviera, the Provencal hideaway, the pure and romantic Paris, the light and shadow, the coast and the sky have created the artistic temperament of the people here that surpass other Europeans.
It is this magical land space that gave birth to U BRAND U HOME, a fashion house brand with outstanding craftsmanship, quality, and innovation.

Zhejiang Dingfeng Furniture Co., Ltd. is a well-known enterprise specializing in home and abroad home furnishing communication, and a standing member of the Zhejiang Furniture Association. Starting in the early 1990s, in the 20th century, the company cooperated with a number of domestic and foreign furniture research institutions, and long-term commitment to the design, manufacture, marketing and cultural studies of European solid wood furniture, seeking to discover the various aesthetics contained in western classical furniture. Traits and cultural and historical heritage, and through a series of specific product for a full range of reproduction. The products are widely appreciated by consumers both at home and abroad. The manufacturing process is even more prestigious in the industry. As early as in 2003 China Light Industry Expo, Dingfeng has established Guinness World by relying on a giant classical chair with a weight of 3 tons and a height of 7.5 meters. The most "," sensation in the industry, combined with its introduction of the second in Italy's imports of equipment in Asia, but also laid the leading position in the field of solid wood furniture in China.

The soft French curve is free to stretch in the perfect golden ratio; the exquisite carving patterns are presented as the finishing touches in the visual focus; the water-based painting effect with a little old treatment not only brings the long-standing culture in Europe, but also is environmentally friendly. The angle ensures a healthy indoor environment.

To ensure that the quality of the final presentation, gifted U products from the raw materials and production processes to control each step. The use of red eucalyptus grown in the European Alps as the main material, the growth cycle of 100 years or even thousands of years gives it a solid quality and luxurious texture of the color, U product home to a group of master craftsmen with solid wood furniture manufacturing experience After 58 procedures to strive for almost perfect every detail.

The product of U-product Usha strives to be perfect during the production process. When you use a computer to access the Internet, the desktop of the computer desk is smooth and tidy, the lines of the desk are beautiful and comfortable, and the chair moves freely and freely. This is also an enjoyment. Of course, the fusion of these styles and their advantages is not a golden mean. Smooth lines, exquisitely carved furniture, carefully matched space colors, full details of the furnishings...

UBRANDUHOME products are tightly bounded by the "fresh", "elegant" spirit and emotional keynotes. When you are extremely tired and lying on a soft bed or sofa, a unique "freshness", "Elegant" will bring you endless consolation, you will be in a state of complete stretch and undefended, the social disturbance has been away from you, this is not a kind of physical adjustment.

Pyrite as Fillers Used in Grinding Wheels/ Abrasive Tools

Ablation grinding wheel / abrasive( filling agent )

PYRITE__As fillers used in grinding wheels/ abrasive tools


Place of Origin: Henan Luoyang, China

Pyrite, Iron pyrites, pyrites lump, Ferro sulphur, Pyrites powder.

Product Description

Detailed introduction:  is filling agent for ablating grinding wheel abrasive, which can effectively reduce the grinding wheel temperature during ablation, improve the heat resistance, and prolong the service life of the grinding wheel.

Formation of a protective layer 
(1)The reaction absorbing oxygen occurs between 400 and 475 degrees, thereby reducing the oxidation of resin, reducing the oxidation burn of workpieces, and prolonging the working life of grinding wheels at high temperature.

4 FeS2 + 11 O2→2 Fe2O3 + 8 SO2 
(2) 4 FeS + 7 O2→4 Fe2O3 + 4 SO2 

400-475 degrees is a limit that the grinding wheel can easily reach. The above reaction creates an oxygen-free and hypoxic environment for the grinding wheel at the micro level, thereby improving the high-temperature performance of the grinding wheel.
Decomposition reaction occurs at 650-degree heat absorption, thereby reducing the working temperature of the grinding wheels.

FeS2→FeS + S 
(3) It enters the melting state at about 1100 degrees, which becomes a good lubricant to protect the grinding wheel FeS(s)→FeS(l).

(4)Sulfur, sulfur dioxide and sulfur trioxide react with the workpiece surface to form FexSy:


S: 48%min, FE: 42%min, SIO2: 3.0%max, PB: 0.1%max,

ZN: 0.1%max, AS: 0.1%max, . C: 0.3%max, CU: 0.2%max,

H20: 1.0%max, SIZE: 95%min

Granularity: (0-3)mm/(3-8)mm/(3-15)mm/(15-50)mm or other particle size.

Packing: 25KG/500KG/1000KG/BAG or 1000KG/BAG or other packaging.

Note: if there are special requirements, the product can be customized according to clients` requirements.

Iron Sulphide For Resin Grinding Wheel---LHT(SL)

Iron sulphide for resin grinding wheel Pyrite, Iron pyrites, pyrites lump, Ferro sulphur, Pyrites powder

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