How to decorate the diary to share the decoration experience

Many friends want to decorate their beloved house, but don't know what good way to decorate the house, then Xiaobian please take a look at this decoration diary sharing decoration experience , what is the decoration diary sharing decoration experience? This is for everyone It is a very good way to help you. The decoration diary sharing decoration experience is about some decoration skills and experience. Let's take a look.


First, the decoration design

1. Highlight the function

Small-sized houses are decorated in a flat layout. The design of small-sized houses usually meets the practical functions first, and it is reasonable to arrange various functional partitions and some large-scale furniture. The open kitchen or living room, dining room and other methods can be used to increase the indoor layering and decorative effect by utilizing the space that penetrates each other without affecting the function of use. If the room is small and you want to have your own independent space, then use the screen, sliding door or use movable furniture to replace the original closed partition wall in the living room, and make the wall "live", so that the whole space is available. Translucent.

2. The color should be light and should not be thick

In the small apartment decoration, many people are now willing to paint some color in their living room. However, in small units, if you use too full and dignified colors, it will easily cause oppression. And cramped feelings. On the contrary, the brighter colors in the cool colors are very suitable for small units, which can give people a sense of diffusion and backwardness.

Second, decoration skills

1. Change the indoor excess wall

Generally speaking, indoor light-weight walls and non-bearing walls can be changed, but only if they are approved by relevant departments. At the same time, it should be noted that the cost of modifying the wall is not low, and most of them will be charged according to the square meter or the entire wall. If the detachable wall blocks indoor lighting or takes up too much space, then you can consider modifying these walls and then make reasonable structural planning, especially for small rooms of one bedroom, one living room or two bedrooms and one room. Structural planning is necessary.


2. Make more use of corner wall

When decorating the wall of the bathroom space, it is necessary to fully consider the possible storage effect of the wall. If you need to place a lot of items, you can use a combination of racks and lockers, and combine open and closed, not only can maximize the storage area, but also avoid the common small-sized bathroom. Clutter.

3. Clever use of space dead angle

Unless it is a custom-made wardrobe, most ordinary wardrobes will have a certain distance from the ceiling, thus forming a dead space. At this time, you may wish to use some storage tools such as storage boxes. It should be noted that these storage boxes should be placed in an orderly and separate manner for easy access and search in the future.

4. Sliding doors reduce space waste

For small units with a small population, it is better to change the bedroom door to a push-pull type, which not only saves a certain amount of space, but also avoids creating a dead space in the room. At the same time, the bedroom door can be designed with the same decoration as the exterior wall, so that when the door is closed, the space is more concealed.

Everyone and Xiaobian read our decoration diary to share the decoration experience introduced in the decoration experience, and also included the decoration design method, our friends hope that you read this decoration diary sharing decoration experience will bring some help, decoration There are other decorative information on the home network, and friends continue to pay attention.

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