Brush paint 4 tips paint what brand is good

Brush coating is an unavoidable step in the home furnishing or decoration process. Every household needs to experience it. The following Xiaobian will introduce you to 4 brush coating techniques and excellent paint brands. Interested people in this area You can check it out together.

1, operating skills

a, sand the wall

If you carefully observe the operation procedures of professional decoration workers, they will find that they often use hard paper with a sand surface to rub off excess impurities on the wall before brushing the paint , ensuring that the touch is smooth and tidy before entering the formal Brushing process.

b. Choose the right tool

In general, we will use quality, high-end, and expensive brush coating materials for home improvement. Therefore, a quality tool is indispensable. Here, we recommend using a short-haired roller brush or soft wool brush with comfortable handle. Can fully make the paint quality ingredients to achieve the best results.

c. Soaking tools

Before brushing, put the tool into the water and infiltrate the water for a period of time, which can make the bristles and the paint get a good fusion. This is also to avoid the hardening, peeling and paint falling after the subsequent wall is dry due to the poor absorption of the previous paint. One of the important links.

d. Clever use of different techniques

(a) Hand brushing

This is the most common and common method to ensure that the surrounding items are not contaminated, and the main brushing method for railings, windowsills, etc.

(b) Roller brush coating

Roller-type brushing technique is very suitable for the needs of small-scale renovations. By rolling the paint on the edge of the roller several times, it not only can prevent the flow paint problem, but also the operation mode is easier to learn.

(c) Spray painting

Large areas of walls and ceilings that use rollers or brushes are not only time consuming and difficult, but also difficult to grasp strength, can not guarantee the smooth and flat overall area, very affect the visual effects, this time is a good new paint brush painting techniques, beautiful and Time-saving, but need to ensure that furniture is completely wrapped tight Oh.

2, what brand of paint is good

a. Dulux: The world's leading old paint company, very trustworthy

b. Nippon: The best in the Chinese paint market

c. China Resources: Famous brand of environmental protection with high-tech standards

d. Three trees: Their own brands, well-known for their environmental performance

e. Bauhinia: Originated from Hong Kong, focusing on dairy paint manufacturing, outstanding quality

Xiaobian conclusion: brush coating this kind of thing, seemingly simple, in fact, there are many tips to operate it is not for most people understand, I hope today Xiaobian finishing brush coating skills and the current market more recommended brands can help thoughtful People who want to understand this knowledge in depth.

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