Modern minimalist design illustrates modern minimalist design color matching

There are many styles of decoration, such as Chinese style, European style, American style, rural style, etc. But now people's favorite style is still modern style decoration, its design is relatively fresh, not so complicated, then modern minimalist design Explain what is there? How does modern minimalist design match color? You want to design a modern minimalist style and take a look at the small series of the decoration home network.


First, the modern minimalist design description

1. Decorative materials and color design

Decorative materials and color schemes provide a spatial backdrop for modern interior effects. First of all, the selection of materials is no longer limited to natural materials such as stone, wood, tile, etc., but the choice is extended to metals, paints, glass, plastics and synthetic materials, and the structural relationship between the materials is exaggerated, even air conditioning pipes, The structural members are exposed and strive to present a highly technical interior space atmosphere that is completely different from the traditional style. In the transfer of materials, modern design requires special treatment methods and fine construction techniques to meet the requirements. Secondly, the modern style of color design is greatly influenced by the modern painting genre. Pursue a eternal artistic theme of universal significance by emphasizing the contrast between primary colors. The choice of decorative painting and fabric also plays a key role in the overall color effect.

2. Personality space design

The modern style of the room emphasizes individuality and creative performance, that is, does not advocate the pursuit of high-end luxury, but focuses on what distinguishes it from other houses. The versatility of small residential spaces is an important feature of modern interior design. Functional spaces associated with host hobbies include home audiovisual centers, mini-bars, fitness corners, home computer studios, and more. These personalized functional spaces can be designed to suit the owner's personal preferences, resulting in a distinctive effect. If you can make the above-mentioned function small space show the owner's originality, this residential design has a place to shine.

3. Modern minimalist living room design

The modern minimalist style is not only fashionable, but also can be decorated to create an infinitely warm and comfortable feeling. The modern minimalist style living room above gives a visual and spiritual enjoyment. The white sofa and the wooden coffee table perfectly blend fashion with classics. The interior blends with a seemingly simple corner design that in fact condenses the designer's originality, both beautiful and practical.


Second, the modern minimalist design color matching

Elegant color

The center color is rose and lavender. The carpet is light rose, the sofa is more rosy than the carpet, the curtains are available in light purple chintz, and the shades and poles are rosy or purple. Put some green cushions and potted plants on it, and the walls and furniture are grayish white for elegant and beautiful effects.

2. Gorgeous color

The center colors are orange, blue and gold. The sofa is made of wine red, the carpet is dark red with the same color, the wall is bright beige, and some gold is partially dotted, such as gold-plated wall lamp, plus some blue as an aid to form a luxurious style.

3. Light color

The center color is yellow and orange. Choose orange carpet, yellow and white printed fabric for curtains and bedspreads. The sofa and ceiling are in grey tones, set off with some green plants to make the living room full of coziness and relaxed atmosphere.

4. Tough color

The center is red and the entire floor is covered with red carpet. The curtains are in blue and white prints, which are in sharp contrast to the red carpet. The sofa is black, the furniture is mainly white, and the walls and ceilings are mainly white, so that the contrast can be avoided and the eyes are dazzling.

The decoration style is varied. Just choose the one you like, and different characters will choose different styles. So what are the modern minimalist design descriptions and color matching? I want to introduce them through the above small series. I understand that, if you still want to know more about decoration, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home Internet cafe.

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