The uncared woman’s car accident was thrown off the cliff

On the evening of August 10, Mr. Cheng drove the semi-trailer to deliver the goods. Ms. Zhang, the wife, sat in the back row and accompanied him. When the road opened to the incident, the car suddenly crashed into the side of the guardrail. Severe collisions caused Mr. Cheng to lose consciousness.

After he was awake, Mr. Cheng found himself strapped tightly to his seat, and the front of the car was out of the high-speed road suspended in midair. And his wife is no longer in the car. Anxious Mr. Cheng quickly called for help.

The high-speed traffic police judged that it would be because Ms. Zhang did not wear a seat belt, so she flew out of the window and fell under the viaduct. Mr. Cheng hurriedly went down and found his wife. Fortunately, after being diagnosed by the hospital, Ms. Zhang had a slight concussion on her head and her left leg and left shoulder had fractures, and there was no danger of life.

Analysis of high-speed traffic police, Ms. Zhang can be lucky to survive, may first fall to the slope covered with vegetation, and then roll to the bottom of the bridge.

Seat belts are life-saving at critical moments. For your own safety, please fasten your seat belts.

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