Access control equipment with alarms to protect customer life and property

The entrance and exit control equipment has a long history. Developed by founder Carl Prinzler with Henry DuPont and Vonnegut hardware, the product became the world's first access control device installed on the access door in 1908.

It can meet the requirements of commercial safety, and at the same time guarantee the safety of human life. The entrance and exit control device with alarm is one of the modern and innovative products.


The primary function is to allow the landlord or mall manager to control the outside entrance passage, while also allowing indoor personnel to quickly evacuate in an emergency. On the product itself, the door can be locked from one side (outside the door) and the push rod latch is mounted on the other side (inside the door), which requires only a small thrust to open the door and quickly leave the scene.

Second, adding an alarm assembly can bring additional security. When the push rod latch is activated, the alarm device can beep, beep or ring tones. Therefore, this product is not suitable for frequent entry and exit venues, but it is more suitable for use in emergency passages or fire exits, as well as exit passages prohibited by employees and customers except in emergency situations (eg fire, robbery or Stealing, etc.)


1) Restaurants usually specify one or two public entrances and exits. Other access routes include: may be dedicated to employees, suppliers or cargo delivery lanes, kitchens or emergency/fire exits. Install this product at the entrance and exit of these channels, the employer or the head of the management department can immediately grasp the use of each door.


2) Retail stores, grocery stores, clothing stores or other similar department stores, etc., the installation of this product can effectively control theft, including the illegal use of employees (such as non-employee access areas)

3) School and day nursery center: When the child is only allowed to move indoors, the teacher or caretaker can be informed immediately when the child tries to open the door and wants to go out. In the event of any emergency, the faculty and children can quickly turn the door into an emergency exit.


Access devices with alarms are ideal for employers and merchants. Installed in non-public use access, employers can be assured of the safety of their property while also providing life and safety protection for customers and employees.

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