Gear processing of various parts of the automobile and the tool used

Cylindrical gear machining

Most of the foreign countries use a multi-coated high-speed hob (cutting speed of 110m / min or more) and radial shaving knife roll, shaving, to shave grinding. A large number of CNC cutting equipment is used to greatly improve the processing efficiency, and the machining accuracy can be stabilized at level 7 or above. Hard tooth surface cutting with hard alloy tools has become an important research field.

High-speed hobbing of more than 100m/min in China is applied in some joint ventures. Dental caries, grinding teeth, and radial shaving also have different degrees of application, but most of them are poor in processing efficiency, precision and stability, and generally only achieve 8 levels of precision.

Straight bevel gear machining

A large number of foreign countries use precision forging technology to retain the cutting technology in the occasions with high precision requirements. At present, the domestic precision forging process has been applied, but it is rarely used in automobile production, and most of them still adopt the cutting technology.

Spiral bevel gear machining

Most of the spiral bevel gears in foreign countries use CNC milling machine to cut teeth. After heat treatment, they use CNC grinding machine to grind teeth. Paired fine assembly or CNC milling machine. After heat treatment , the machine is ground by CNC gear grinding machine to better correct heat treatment deformation. Can be paired with the assembly. Hardened surface scraping technology has certain applications in spiral bevel gear machining.

Both Gleason and Oerlikon have introduced the latest design, analysis and measurement software for six-axis CNC equipment, making the spiral bevel gear design, machining, and tooth profile correction an intelligent closed-loop system.

The gear measurement center is used for advanced measurement and automatic detection, which makes the measurement accurate, high precision and high efficiency.

The spline tooth shape processing on several transmission shafts of the engine adopts double-station, paired configuration, squeezing and special tools for chipless machining, and reciprocating motion, and the spline tooth shape is extruded.

Most of the domestic spiral bevel gears are processed by ordinary milling machines, and the teeth are machined after heat treatment . The cutting precision is low, and the real function of the grinding tooth is not exerted. The heat treatment deformation of the material has poor controllability.

FAW Group and Dongfeng Motor Corporation introduced Gleason and Oerlikon's CNC gear grinding machines for production. Gear inspection generally uses a weekly inspection instrument, an involute inspection instrument, a base gauge, etc., and a few manufacturers use a gear inspection center.

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