Taiyuan firefighters sent fire protection “safety caps” into the construction site

In order to prevent and contain fire accidents on construction sites, Xishan Fire Brigade conducted targeted firefighting knowledge publicity activities and sent fireproof “safety caps” for construction sites.

During the activity, the firefighters first checked whether the construction site was in accordance with the fire design standards submitted for inspection, whether the fire fighting facilities were installed in accordance with the standards, and whether the fire resistance rating of the migrant workers' shed at the site and the laying of electrical lines met the requirements of the fire control regulations. Afterwards, firefighters gave site management personnel an “injection,” reminding them to understand the serious situation facing the fire safety of the current construction site and enhance their awareness of eliminating fire hazards, so as to prevent fire accidents caused by improper operation and conscious paralysis. . In order to ensure the fire safety of construction sites, firefighters explained the use of fire extinguishers, fire escape skills, and rescue evacuation to the migrant workers, and provided them with fire safety information.

In addition, firefighters also specifically requested that construction sites should strictly shut down procedures, carry out fire design review and record keeping in accordance with the law, eliminate innate fire hazards from the source, strictly control details, and properly handle blocked fire exits and other details to cut off accidents. The way of fire spread; strictly control the quality of fire products, eliminate the use of counterfeit fire products, affecting fire fighting and rescue.

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