Japan plans to build "solar solar power station" with an annual output of 1 billion watts

Japan plans to build "solar solar power station" with an annual output of 1 billion watts

According to the British Daily Post report, the efficiency of solar energy to produce electricity on the earth is not satisfactory. This is due to the lower efficiency of solar panels and their higher costs. But in the space environment, scientists believe that it is possible to change the traditional way and produce a lot of electricity. At present, Japan plans to build a space solar power station, which is expected to transmit 1 billion watts of electricity from space satellites to Tokyo each year in 2040.

The Japan Aerospace Exploration and Development Agency (JAXA) proposed that Japan plans to build space solar power stations for the next 25 years. The agency described the plan in detail, creating a commercial system with a capacity of 1 billion megawatts per year from a space solar power plant, which is equivalent to the annual power output of a nuclear power plant.

JAXA retired professor Susumu Sasaki outlined that in the future plans to build a three-kilometer-long man-made island in Tokyo Bay Seaport. The island is equipped with 5 billion antennas and can transmit microwave energy into electrical energy. The microwave energy is emitted from the 36,000 km high-altitude solar collector to the ground.

In order to collect these amounts of solar energy, two huge mirrors of man-made islands are aimed at solar power stations in the sky 24 hours a day. In addition, a separate substation is built on the man-made island and electric energy is sent to Tokyo via submarine cables to ensure the power supply needs in Tokyo.

Professor Sasaki Sasaki said: "This plan takes into account both technical and social factors. Based on the latest cutting-edge technologies, the latest research achievements in the field of wireless power transmission can coordinate antennas and launch precise radio waves to reach different distances. At the same time, the current public The focus is on the climate change brought about by the burning of greenhouse gases from oil, and an urgent solution is needed to harness the earth's climate.”

It is reported that Japan is particularly concerned with finding a practical source of clean energy. The nuclear accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant sounded an alarm. At the same time, Japan lacks oil resources and free land suitable for deploying renewable energy devices.

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