Pick the mattress: "soft" "hard" to see what you need

Most people spend a third of the day in bed, choosing the right bed and mattress to make your sleep more refined. The reporter recently visited furniture stores such as Shunlian North District Furniture City and Louvre Palace. It found that the bed frames of many brands had promotional activities, while the mattresses broke through the concept of “hard bed” in the past, and a large number of soft beds performed well. Professionals have warned that it is necessary to look at personal preferences when purchasing mattresses. Try to lie down and feel comfortable.

Tour: Some wooden beds have discounts

The reporter saw in the furniture city of Shunlian North District that the bed here is mainly made up of domestically-branded solid wood and wood-paneled beds, some of which are local brands in Shunde and Nanhai. The wooden bed wins in a quaint color and a simple atmosphere. Some wooden beds are placed on the bed back position, engraving the waves and evolving blessings, meaning healthy and auspicious, while the pure solid wood bed has a natural texture and looks comfortable and natural. The wooden bed is dominated by traditional squares, and there are few shaped beds. Some wooden beds also add some leather elements to the backrest to enrich the color and texture of the bed.

"We are a combination of wood and wood, the frame is solid wood, the price is about one-third of pure solid wood, and now some beds have discounts." A brand furniture sales staff pointed to a board and wood combined bed told reporters: "This is now As long as more than 2,000, it is much cheaper than before."

Mattress: "soft" and "hard" each has its own merits

Many brands sell mattresses and sell mattresses. This combination has become a common phenomenon in the industry. The reporter noticed that the mattress of the Louvre was mainly "soft" and mainly pushed the latex mattress. "Chinese people have always used to sleep 'hard bed boards'. In fact, this understanding has certain misunderstandings. Hard mattresses can not support the weight of the human body very well, so that some people wake up the next day and feel back pain." A brand mattress sales Introduced. The mattresses in the North District of Shunlian are mainly made in China. Most of the sales people here recommend hard mattresses. "Chinese people still sleep better, especially children, sleeping too soft, which is not conducive to bone development."

The reporter learned that the latex mattress is made of polyurethane compound, which has high softness but insufficient elasticity and ventilation. However, with the advancement of technology, many latex mattresses have been able to solve these problems. For example, a product of the Louvre can also be ventilated and breathable while providing support.

Purchase: If you have tried it, you will know it.

According to the salesperson, due to the difference in weight, height, fatness, and preference of each person, the choice of mattress should be based on their own specific circumstances and local climate.

The most basic requirement is to maintain the lumbar lordosis when lying on the back, and the body curve is normal; when the side is lying, the lumbar spine is not bent and the side bend is dominant.

In addition, the softness and hardness requirements of mattresses vary greatly between Chinese and Western consumers. "If you don't know how to choose, you can lie down and try it. If you feel comfortable, you can consider buying it." A store that has long been operating mattresses in Shunlian North District. It is generally recommended that the mattress be reconciled and turned over regularly for about 3 to 4 months to evenly force the mat surface and prolong its service life.

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