Deformation joint waterproof control measures

Waterproof control measures for deformation joints The measures for artificially controlling the temperature of concrete are not obvious for the early cracks caused by heat. For example, the surface deformation joint waterproof material protection can reduce the temperature difference between inside and outside, but inevitably lead to high temperature in the concrete body. From the perspective of constrained and penetrating cracks, it is a condition that potentially deteriorates the crack, because the heat in the body is to be dissipated sooner or later. of. In addition, manual control of concrete temperature should also pay attention to prevent over-speed cooling and ultra-cold. Over-speed cooling will not only make the concrete temperature gradient too large, but the early over-speed and ultra-cold will affect the hydration degree and early strength of the cement-colloid system. It is more prone to early thermal cracks. Ultra-cold will cause the temperature difference of the concrete to be too large, causing temperature difference cracks. Therefore, the pouring time should be arranged at night as much as possible to minimize the initial setting temperature of the concrete. During the daytime construction, it is required to set up a simple sunshade device in the sand and stone yard, or cover it with a wet linen bag, and spray cold water to the aggregate if necessary. When the concrete is pumped, the grass bag can be covered on the horizontal and vertical pump tubes and sprayed with cold water.

Waterproof Hybrid Flooring

If you long for the aesthetic of hardwood or stone but need something specifically designed to withstand moisture and spills, waterproof hybrid flooring is the practical alternative.  Our selection expands beyond traditional laminate with options such as wood plastic composite and stone laminate rigid core.

Rustic Oak Collection Laminated Flooring

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