How to deal with the renovation of old homes

When the house lasts for a long time, the wall will slowly become old. The original wall will begin to fade and aging, and the wall will also be prone to air bubbles, cracking or even falling off, which will not only affect the interior appearance. , but it will also cause inconvenience to our daily life. So we need to refurbish it and repaint it. The following Xiao Bian will introduce how to deal with the renovation of old houses and how to renovate old houses.

How to deal with the refurbishment of the old house

1, grassroots processing

For the walls of old houses, due to prolonged use, there will be various wall problems, such as the phenomenon of wall flouring. This is mainly due to the fact that no primer or brushing is used for the wall surface construction. Too thin, in this case, the basic treatment of the renovation of the wall is required. For the basement of the old room wall, we need to decide the method of base treatment according to its different wall conditions. For the general powdered ordinary house wall surface, the original house surface can be removed, mainly by water. After being wetted, it is shoveled out with a blade to restore the original appearance of the wall. For houses with severe chalkiness, the paint on the surface has been severely detached. It is necessary to remove the lacquer layer and the entire batch of scalding until the cement has been burned or the bricks have been found, and subsequent processing such as painting of latex paint is performed.

2, brush latex paint

For the treatment of old house walls, the most common method is to apply latex paint. Latex paint can not only repair the problems of cracking and pulverization of the wall surface, but also can decorate the wall surface and increase the aesthetic appearance of the wall surface. . After the general resident purchases the second-hand house, he will modify the decoration in the house. For the wall, he will paint the latex paint. After the surface of the wall is treated, the occupant shall use the putty to polish and paint the latex paint. At this time, Xiao Bian would like to remind tenants that the quality of latex paint needs to be strictly checked when applying latex paint on such old house walls to avoid environmental pollution in the house.

3, wallpaper

Paving the wallpaper is also a very common method of wall decoration. Because of the good decorative effect of the wallpaper, the performance is also comprehensive with the progress of the wallpaper making process, especially the now easy-to-clean wallpapers for the households with children in the family. It is very convenient. For old wallpapers, we need to pay attention to the anti-mildew treatment of the old walls during construction. After processing the wall base layer, the hot powder and the cooked rubber powder can be used for the batch hot leveling. After it is dry, apply a varnish one or two times and post it again.

4, tiling

Tiles are also wall decoration materials, but due to their material problems, they are generally used in areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and balconies. Therefore, if these are places for old houses, then Xiao Bian recommends laying tiles. For the refurbishment of the old house renovation, the tiles in these areas need to pay attention to a problem: waterproof performance. Because these areas, especially the bathroom wall base treatment, will be more or less damaged to the original waterproof layer, so you need to do a test on the waterproof performance of the wall before paving tiles to prevent water seepage Case.

Renovation of old home renovation

1, the wall to clean up

Before the renovation, the old wall surface must be treated with a wall surface base. All the powders must be thoroughly removed, and the white cement should be removed after eradication. The original wall was too smooth, and after brushing off the paint, it was polished and the loosely bonded skin was removed to facilitate the adhesion of the new paint and the wall.

2, the primer can not be less

The role of the wall primer is to resist alkali moisture, to Seal the substrate, to protect the topcoat, and to improve the texture and hiding power of the topcoat. For the renovation of old houses, the walls must be painted with primer. If the paint is applied directly on the walls, the walls will tend to foam and mold in the future, and the sun will take a long time to discolor.

3, repair should be comprehensive

For the repair of painted walls, it is relatively difficult to achieve the desired results. Therefore, it is best to repair the wall surface by repairing the whole wall surface or selecting a larger area for repair as much as possible. In this way, the color difference can be avoided as much as possible, and the quality after repairing is also better.

4, repair color

Color differences occur on walls, which is avoided when repairing walls. To this end, it should be noted that according to the description of the paint bucket, brushing, it is best to estimate the amount of good. It is important to prepare a sufficient amount at a time so that the color of the wall can be guaranteed. Although the paint factory provided color cards, due to the strong alkalinity of the old walls, the effect may be biased.

5, pay attention to ventilation

The ventilated condition of the old house is poor, and the xylene component of the diluent chemically reacts with the components of the latex paint, resulting in yellowing of the walls. Therefore, it is not enough to strengthen ventilation, and several electric fans have to be placed to enhance ventilation.

Editor's summary: How to deal with the renovation of the old house and the renovation of the old house renovation are introduced here, and we hope to help everyone. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information.

Old house renovation

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