How good is the aluminum home? Look at the process

How good is the aluminum home? Look at the process

[China Aluminum Network] Speaking of aluminum alloy doors and windows are very familiar to everyone, but it is rare to talk about aluminum furniture in life. With the popularization of environmental awareness and advances in science and technology, many industries are gradually transitioning to “green”. However, the construction and home furnishing industry has always been in the traditional wood production system. Even the furniture that we normally come into contact with is often made of artificial wood. It is not only a waste of trees, but more importantly, the pollution of the air environment and the damage to the human body caused by the chemical components added to the materials cannot be avoided.

The all-aluminum home has many advantages. Based on these advantages, aluminum alloy has long been widely used in life. Making all-aluminum furniture is one of them. In recent years, many high-tech products have used it to create a trick. Handsome representative. For example, Apple, Samsung and other mobile phones, Jaguar, Land Rover and other vehicles, are using a lot of aluminum technology in the use of its materials and processing technology.

Today we introduce a variety of aluminum processing methods!

Because of its easy processing, good visual effects, and rich surface treatment methods, aluminum has been actively adopted by many industries. Aluminum surface treatment is mainly divided into: sandblasting (forming a matt pearl silver surface), polishing (forming a mirror surface), and drawing ( Form a satin-like effect, electroplating (covering a layer of other metal), and spraying (covering other non-metallic coatings).

1, sandblasting

Sand blasting is powered by compressed air to form a high-speed jet beam. The spray material (copper ore, quartz sand, corundum, iron sand, sea sand) is sprayed at high speed onto the surface of the workpiece to be processed, which changes the appearance or shape of the aluminum surface. .

Sandblasting has a strong application in engineering and surface processes, such as: increase the viscosity of adhesives, decontamination, optimization of machined surface burrs, surface matte treatment.

The sandblasting process is more uniform and efficient than hand sanding. The treatment of this method creates a low-key, durable feature of the product.

2, polishing

The polishing process is mainly divided into mechanical polishing, chemical polishing and electrolytic polishing.

The aluminum parts adopt mechanical polishing + electrolytic polishing to approach the effect of stainless steel mirrors, giving people the feeling of high-end simplicity and fashion.

3, drawing

Metal wire drawing is a manufacturing process in which aluminum plates are repeatedly scraped off with sandpaper. Drawing can be divided into straight drawing, chaotic drawing, spiral drawing, thread drawing.

The metal wire drawing process can clearly show every tiny silk mark, so that the fine matt hair shines in the metal matt, so that the product has a sense of fashion and technology.

4, high light cutting

The use of a precision carving machine to cut diamond knives at the high-speed rotation (generally at 20,000 rpm) of the engraving machine spindle cuts the parts, creating a local highlight on the surface of the product. The brightness of the cutting highlights is affected by the speed of the milling bit. The faster the drill bit speed is, the brighter the cutting light is. On the contrary, the darker and more prone to knife marks.

After using the high-light milling process, the anodizing and drawing process make the item feel full of fashion and technology.

5, anodizing

Anodizing refers to the electrochemical oxidation of metals or alloys, and aluminum and its alloys form an oxide film on aluminum products (anodes) due to the applied current under the corresponding electrolyte and specific process conditions.

Anodic oxidation not only can solve the defects of aluminum surface hardness, wear resistance, etc., but also can prolong the service life of aluminum and enhance the aesthetics. It has become an indispensable part of aluminum surface treatment, and it is currently widely used and very successful. Process.

6, two-color anodizing

Two-color anodization refers to anodizing on one product and imparting a different color to a specific area.

Two-color anodization is complicated because of the complicated process and high cost; but through the comparison between two colors, it can reflect the high-end and unique appearance of the product.

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