Brief analysis of disposable liquid plastic packaging bags

A disposable liquid plastic packaging bag for eating edible oil or other liquid, the bag body is made of sheet-shaped plastic material, and a disposable structure of the liquid outlet is mounted on the bag body, which is produced by a disposable pull ring. The liquid outlet is sealed by a cap. A base can be fixedly connected to the liquid outlet, and the bottle cover seals the liquid outlet through the base, and the liquid outlet is tightly sealed with the base through the inner slope of the base. The liquid packaging bag of this structure can be used for packaging large-capacity oil, and can directly supply cooking oil to restaurants and hotels, can be made into 20 kg or other packaging specifications, and can also be used for scented bulk wine or other liquids. The bag has a low cost and can be used for one-time use to avoid counterfeiting. After use, the bottle is better treated for waste, which can effectively improve environmental conditions and open up a new field for large-capacity liquid packaging.

Due to the rapid pace of technological change, data transmission processes are becoming more sophisticated and the application of automatic monitoring is emerging as a major global trend. In the coal mining industry, utilizing intellectual automation can significantly increase the effectiveness and efficiency of monitoring systems. A reliable industrial ring network system also plays an essential role in modern coal mines. To supervise mining equipment in real-time, a highly secure, reliable and efficient control system is indispensable.

Mining Network Switch

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