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The popularity of smart phones has brought smart products to the next level. Smart locks, which are the basic products of smart homes, are indispensable items for every family and are naturally welcomed by consumers. There are many brands of smart locks on the market. Here we will introduce you to Thorpe Shield smart locks.

Thorpe shield smart lock features

1, fingerprint open

Thorpe shield smart lock more and more sensitive to the use of fingerprints, each opening is repair entry. 0.1 second unlocks the door and stores 999 fingerprints.

2, password open

Fully automatic touch sensing, before and after the correct password, you can freely enter the virtual password to prevent peeping. In front of the acquaintance, you can open the door safely and save the face.


3, magnetic card open

The encryption card can be authorized as an unlock card, and ID cards, bank cards, bus cards, etc. can all become magnetic cards for home locks. Convenient and efficient.

4, mechanical key

Hidden key hole, double-sided blade groove, to prevent the occurrence of special circumstances, the last can be unlocked with the key, due to the special nature of the lock cylinder, the market can not be lost after configuration, need to contact the customer service configuration of the Thorpe shield smart lock.

5, automatic lock

Defective protection for foreigners, incorrect password or fingerprint verification, and more than 5 automatic lock alarms for door locks.

6, battery low reminder

The Thorpe Shield smart lock requires four batteries, ten times a day, and 365 days of use. When the battery is low, the smart lock will send a low battery alert.

Thorpe shield smart lock looks stylish, style and color can be used with different anti-theft locks, is a home necessary door lock. If you still want to learn more about the Thorpe Shield smart lock, leave a comment below the article!

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