Knowledge about smart door lock security features

Smart door locks play a crucial role in security. Smart door locks have functions such as anti-violence unlocking and unlock push information. These security functions have greatly improved home security. This article will talk about the security features of smart door locks.

Smart door lock security function

The primary effects are anti-theft, fire prevention and anti-gas leakage. They can set two alarms at home and alarm at home. They also have the function of punctuality and time-disarming, and partition defense and disarming.

When leaving the home, all equipment is in operation. Whether it is indoor or outdoor, only the attack condition can make the host local alarm, telephone or mobile phone alarm. Under the condition of alarm at home, the owner is able to move indoors, terminal equipment. With the function of identifying the direction, can distinguish the human body is still out, to avoid thieves have opportunity, when the family presents a fire or gas leakage, the main opportunity to actively contact the owner and the alarm to the relevant, and through the valve initiative Close the gas main valve.


Smart locks generally use zinc alloys or aluminum alloys for materials, which can effectively prevent violence from being opened. Because the material of the smart locks is strong, it is difficult for thieves to open the lock within one minute. The smart locks have the function of monitoring the mobile phone. When the contracted head encounters a violent beat or yoke, the mobile phone will have an alert; if you want to maximize the effectiveness of the intelligent door lock security function, it is best to use it with the home's intelligent security equipment. For example: infrared anti-theft device.

At present, some fingerprint lock manufacturers reserve the development port for fingerprint locks. In the smart home, only the fingerprint lock needs to be simply developed, and the state of the fingerprint lock can be monitored in real time, thereby improving the security of the fingerprint lock.

About security locks Xiaobian security features introduced here, and hope to see this article friends can more clearly understand the smart lock.

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