Simple and practical home improvement process, learn to follow! !

Renovation itself is a very complicated process. If a process is neglected, the next series of construction will be problematic or even difficult, so it is important to understand the home improvement process ! The following decoration home decoration network Xiaobian will introduce the home improvement process for everyone!


The process of home renovation:

1. Pre-design: The main thing to do is to design a whole house, and to measure the detailed data of the house, including the tile area, wallpaper area, floor area, etc., as well as the wall size, for the later home swing Put on the pre-design.

2, housing renovation: This process is mainly for the owners are not satisfied with the structure of their own houses, need to do some demolition and modification. Mainly including wall removal, wall building, shovel wall and so on. If you are satisfied with your house, you don't need this process.

3, hydropower transformation: the focus is to look at the kitchen hood outlet, the location of the water meter, the location of the water outlet will affect the installation of the later kitchen utensils.

4, wood-wafer-oil: woodwork, bricklayers, oilers are the "three brothers" in the construction process, usually the woodwork first enters the market, and will participate in the entire construction process, the woodworking first put some like a riser, make decoration and cabinet The woodwork such as ceiling and plaster line is finished, and then the bricklayer will enter. The work done by the bricklayer is very clear, that is, the floor tiles, sometimes it may be responsible for installing floor drains, hoods, marble windows, etc. After doing this, the bricklayer can basically exit, and then the oiler debut. The main job of the oiler is to paint the wall and paint the furniture. If you need to affix the wallpaper, let the oiler do the treatment on the wall where the wallpaper is to be attached, and then you can make it yourself.

5. Installation: The ceiling has been completed in the previous step, so you can start to install the kitchen cabinet, sink and gas stove. Then start installing wooden doors and floors. The floor should be cleaned before installation and the floor should be kept dry. After the floor is installed, you can paste the wallpaper. After the wallpaper is attached, you can install radiators, switch sockets, lamps, hardware and sanitary ware. Some people may ask, why should the wallpaper be installed before the installation of the radiator after the floor is installed? This is because the floor will have a lot of dust when it is installed, it will pollute the wallpaper, and the wallpaper needs a clean wall to stick it. The radiators must be installed after the wallpaper is attached. If you install them first, the wallpaper will not be posted.

6. Cleaning: Before the furniture and home appliances move in, it is necessary to carry out a thorough cleaning of the house and clean all corners. Otherwise, it is very difficult to clean the furniture and home appliances after moving in.


7, furniture appliances come in: all things are done, you can move furniture appliances into, install, ready to stay in a new house.

8, home accessories: This is the last process of renovation, but also the process that will always exist in life. You can arrange your favorite style according to your own and your family's preferences. You can set up green potted plants, creative photo frames, hanging pictures, and individual handicrafts. If you can't think of anything at the moment, you can bring back commemorative gadgets or occasional accessories that are unique to you in your future trips.

The relevant knowledge of the home improvement process , the decoration home decoration network Xiaobian is introduced to everyone here, I hope everyone can understand the home improvement process more clearly! For more related knowledge, please pay attention to the decoration encyclopedia section in real time!

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