Working principle of filtered desulfurization dust collector

The filter type desulfurization dust remover refers to a device in which the dust particles in the air flow are intercepted and trapped by the filter layer when the dust hole passes through the filter layer, thereby realizing gas-solid separation.

The filter type dust removal device comprises a bag type desulfurization dust collector and a particle layer dust collector. The former usually uses a filter bag made of organic fiber or inorganic fiber fabric as a filter layer, and the latter filter layer uses particles of different particle sizes, such as quartz sand. , river sand, ceramsite, slag and other components.

With the powder repeatedly attached to the outer surface of the filter bag, the powder layer is continuously thickened, and the resistance value of the bag filter is also increased; the pulse valve diaphragm gives a command, the pulse valve is opened when the left and right are submerged, and the compression in the high pressure air bag The air is on, if there is no dust or a certain degree, the mechanical cleaning work will stop working.

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Label: How the filter desulfurization dust collector works

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