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Siemens switches have a perfect anti-counterfeiting system, and all products have a unique 20-digit security code as the only identification. This anti-counterfeiting code is unique, discontinuous and non-repeatable. The security code of each product can only be queried once! To ensure your legal rights, open the package after purchase and scratch the security coating to check the security code on the new product bracket. Next Xiaobian introduced Siemens switch product features and Siemens switch authenticity identification.

Siemens switch product features

1, the product's own words design features, so that better electrical performance, take up less space, leaving enough space in the installation of low-capacity space, making installation easier, it is convenient, environmentally friendly, more materials;

2. The integral core metal parts of the product are stamped into a single line using leading technology, eliminating the traditional way of installing with rivets and using more safety and energy;

3, the product contains a unique Siemens patented circuit breaker terminals, to ensure that the wiring press effect is no less than the screw connection mode, can make the pressure line does not hurt the wire, but also can compress the exposed wire at the same time, the product itself has large Wiring hole for easy operation;

4, the base is made of full PC as raw material injection molding, exquisite workmanship, smooth and complete, no flash no burr, the base marked on the product clearly, the power supply wire instructions clear, beautiful, corrosion resistance, torque, shear stress, longer life ;

5, the product has a closed arc extinguishing switch design, the closure of the best selection of copper alloy made, the better the quality of the thickness of more than 0.8mm, but also select the diameter of up to 3mm silver alloy contacts, optimize the internal organization;

6.Siemens' electronic products comply with ROHS directives, safety and environmental protection, and are in the leading position in the industry. After optimized design of electronic product lines, the performance is more secure and reliable, anti-overload and anti-surge capabilities are greatly improved, and the received signal is stronger.

Siemens switch authentication

1, In general, Siemens switches are dual security, if you buy Siemens products are not dual security, it is likely to be fake. Of course, dual security products do not mean it is true.

2, Siemens switch material used is PC material, is a very glossy surface material. If the surface of the product you buy is not relevant, it is likely to be replaced with other materials. This is a category of counterfeit goods.

3. Many people think that branded products must be very good-looking. This is a wrong view. The appearance of the authentic Siemens switch is difficult to see, because the structure it adopts is similar to the 4.0 series developed in TCL97, and the appearance is also evolved from this structure, so there is no advantage in the external light, of course, the copycat product will put it Nicely decorated. So if the product you buy is very beautiful, it is probably a fake.

4, genuine Siemens switch is black base, and fake Siemens switch is generally transparent, of course, there are black, but if you go to smell, you will find a pungent odor emerged.

5, copper socket itself is also an important position of identification. Authentic copper sheets are the exception to ensure consistent color, which can be checked when using a blade. Because of the use of phosphor bronze, and the fake is brass, the inside and outside colors have a color difference.

6, in addition, the shell of the switch panel is also the focus of inspection to prevent, if the two diagonal corners together are intact, it is real, if broken, it is fake.

Siemens switch purchase

1, see the appearance

Panels for high-quality switches and sockets should be made of high-grade plastic products that look uniform and have a smooth, smooth surface. Panel materials are selected from the United States General Company imported PC material (ballistic rubber), its flame retardant, insulation and impact resistance are very good, and the material is stable, not easy to change color. The use of switches and sockets made of such materials can greatly reduce the occurrence of fire and other conditions caused by the circuit.

2, see the internal structure

As far as switches are concerned, pure silver contacts and conductive sheets made of silver-copper composite materials are generally used. This prevents arc-induced oxidation during opening and closing. The high-quality panel's conductive bridge uses a silver-nickel-copper composite. The silver material has excellent electrical conductivity, while the silver-nickel alloy has a very strong arc suppression ability. The brass screw presses the switch, the contact surface is large and good, the crimping ability is strong, and the wiring is stable and reliable. Single-hole wiring copper pillars have large wiring capacity and are not limited by wire diameter.

3, security

The security protection door of the socket is indispensable. When selecting the socket, you should try to choose the product with the protection door. Second, to check the degree of fastening of the socket clip, smooth insertion force is a key factor. At the same time, strong extrusion makes the plug not easy to fall off, effectively reducing the occurrence of blackouts due to non-human factors. At the same time, the socket clip adopts high-quality tin-phosphor bronze, which has good conductivity and fatigue resistance, and ensures that the number of plug sockets can reach 10,000 times (the national standard is 5,000 times).

Editor's summary: The characteristics of Siemens switch products and Siemens switch authentication are introduced here, and we hope to help everyone. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information.

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