Float level controller installation and features

Float level controller is a device that accurately controls the liquid level, which is composed of two parts of the float group and the contact group. It uses the buoyancy of the float immersed in the liquid to accurately determine the liquid level, when the liquid level When the upper and lower critical values ​​are reached, the contact point of the float level controller will send an on-off signal to turn on the switch and the pump will turn off. When the liquid level is below the critical value, the controller contact will send a close signal. Close, start the pump, transfer liquid to the container, such a leveler can be automatically controlled, completely without the need for people to operate, we only need to enter the command, the controller will automatically complete. The general float level controller is divided into explosion-proof and non-explosion-proof. The explosion-proof controller can be used for inflammable and explosive media and pressure vessels. However, this controller has a disadvantage that the corrosion protection is not very strong. Copper, stainless steel, and other materials have corrosive media and media that contain magnetic media, of course. Float level controller can also have the characteristics of explosion-proof anti-corrosion.
Float level control installation methods and precautions: General float level controller uses a non-standard convex flange connected with the controlled container, we must install the corresponding docking flange, liquid It depends on the model of the controller to determine whether the position controller should be installed horizontally or vertically. After determining the installation direction, the operating range of the controller must be jumped. After all the components are installed, they can be put into use. In the process of use, we must also pay attention to some things in order to better grasp the controller, better use and maintain it, we must pay attention to these points: First, the non-waterproof structure of the controller must not be used outdoors, Especially on rainy days. Second, in the installation, pay attention to the metal shell grounded to prevent electric shock. Third, if it is a controller that cannot be protected from corrosion, it cannot be used for corrosive and magnetic cutting media. If it is used, it will easily damage the controller. Therefore, attention must be paid. Fourth, in the process of putting into use, the controllers, pumps, etc. must be regularly checked and maintained. For some old equipment, this bad equipment should be promptly replaced. Fifth, to master the float ball level controller operating methods and related theoretical knowledge in order to better work. float
The use and development of the ball level control: The application range of the float ball level controller is quite extensive, and it can be used for almost any liquid level control. It has simple operation, fully automatic operation, explosion-proof and anti-corrosion, strong practicality, and low price. High sensitivity, but also alarm function, when the controller fails or can not accurately control the liquid surface, the system will alarm, for industrial production, this is very important.

Collar and Float Shoe (float equipment) for casing
1. Type: Single Valve, double valves; Spring structure valve and ball structure valve; Insert type and normal type.

2. Standard: API
3. Specifications: 4''---20'', or others as requested
4. API Grades: J55, K55, N80, P110, L80, etc.
5. Connection (Thread) Type: LTC, STC, BTC

1) For float shoe, the rounded nose profile helps guide casing string.
2) The valve is made with phenolic material and molded with high strength concrete. Both of the valve and concrete are easily drillable with PDC or rock bits.
3) High strength design ensures excellent performance for flow endurance and back pressure holding.
4) Saves considerable running-in time with automatically fill up.
5) For non-rotating float collar, the special non-rotating groove design ensures corresponding cementing plugs drilled out quickly.

Float Collar and Float Shoe

Single Valve, Double Valves; Insert Type and Normal Type Float Collar and Float Shoe

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