Cloud computing has entered the furniture industry or become the new favorite of the furniture enterprise management era?

The selection of software has not been a standard for users, especially enterprise users. Most SMEs still don't know what software products to solve the current business problems, and they don't know how to choose products. In addition, the cloud computing "fast train", combined with its own products and customer advantages, to create innovative cloud ERP leading enterprises can not be clouded, for the emergence of new technologies and new industries such as ERP cloud computing, mobile Internet, will also be for users , to guide the choice of products. So from a rational point of view, in the end, the trend of cloud computing is right? We believe that the cloud is indeed a key information technology in the future. When we look at cloud technology today, there is indeed an opportunity. Although it is still not very mature, it has a solution direction. Cloud technology is indeed the key IT technology of the future. But we have seen that many domestic software companies are often misled when they refer to the "cloud": With the "cloud", the enterprise becomes very convenient, and management becomes no problem, as long as the "send" After the cloud, there is no problem? So is this really true? Let's take a look at some of the rhetoric mentioned by software companies: Some say that the cloud is a supercomputer for the poor. Supercomputing, the so-called scientific computing, basically its field is in the enterprise, although today the cloud really has the potential to become a supercomputer of the poor, but it does not necessarily solve all the problems of our enterprise. Others believe that cloud computing is based on a unified platform for deployment, management, and operation and maintenance, and all software becomes a service. Software has never been so simple to become a service. Software is a commodity. Turning a product into a service is definitely not a sentence. I think that the unified platform is not the key at all. The key is how to turn goods into services. How to turn software into services is the biggest challenge. We believe that enterprise management software can't just be IT. Whether it is industry trends, knowledge, experience or consultants and services, it is a more important issue. Only by integrating all these can we finally help the company grow. The number of people agrees with the development trend of the cloud, but the cloud trend is not the whole development of the ERP industry. "For the ERP industry, ERP vendors should look at the changes that cloud computing brings to the industry from the perspective of the application. There are three types of users for cloud computing: general end users, enterprise users, and enterprise end users. The latter two are The ERP industry needs to focus on it.” He also pointed out: “ERP vendors should base their needs on different types of users and provide ERP products and services according to different cloud requirements. This is the true benign cloud computing application of the ERP industry.” “ERP Products have enabled enterprises to standardize their business processes. In the post-ERP era, the key is to enable ERP to play more roles in enterprise architecture and profitability processes. As an international company that positions itself as a “lifetime service furniture customer”, Furniture software has always been growing along with the actual needs of enterprises. While providing furniture integrated information solutions to open up the internal management of the company, the company has been deeply cultivating the industry, paying attention to the mining and application of industry values, and actively establishing industry model enterprises. To help furniture companies to comprehensively improve the level of information application.

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