What are the advantages of MDF? MDF purchase tips

Nowadays, people's living standards are improved. The materials used in the decoration of some furniture are strictly produced. But are the products sold in the market all qualified products? Now Xiaobian will take you to understand the MDF materials first. This MDF is the most qualified product. Our friends know what the advantages of MDF are. If you buy it, what are the skills?


First, the advantages of the MDF

1. MDF is relatively easy to be finished in some of our processed materials. Various color paints and paints can be evenly applied on the MDF, which is the preferred substrate for paint decoration.

2, and other hard-density board through the punching, drilling, can also be made into sound-absorbing panels, applied in many architectural decoration projects, physical properties are also good, uniform material, without this dehydration problem.

3, MDF is a particularly beautiful decorative plate, the surface is smooth and flat, no trace, the color is naturally uniform, and these veneer, adhesive film and veneer and light metal sheet and melamine board can be glued to the density. On the surface of the board.

Second, the MDF purchase skills

1. The MDF has a wood-based panel because of its inner material, so its material is not easy to be deformed, and it does not produce some aphids, and the surface has no defects. When choosing MDF furniture, besides seeing their style and color.


2, the surface cleanliness is good cleanliness, the surface of the MDF furniture should have no obvious particles. The particles are caused by the introduction of impurities during the pressing process, which will affect the appearance and cause the paint film to peel off quickly.

3, the surface smoothness is the furniture after the completion of the paint also has the right amount of wax, the hand should touch the surface should have a smooth feeling, such as feeling more ambiguous is the processing is not in place.

4. The surface of the MDF with smooth surface should be bright. If the surface is not flat from the side, it means that there is a problem with the material or coating process.

5, the hardness of the surface paint film is also the key to the paint film of MDF furniture, such as brighter, more transparent polyester paint, or it will damage the surface when cleaning the furniture.

After reading this article together with Xiaobian, our MDF is strictly produced, and the MDF material itself is a very good decorative material. The advantages of this MDF are also known to many friends. Some of its shopping skills, then friends have other decorative information you want to know? We continue to pay attention to our decoration home network.

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