Western Rhododendron breeding method

Western Rhododendron breeding methods:

Cutting propagation:

It is usually carried out from May to June. Choose semi-mature twigs as well, inserts 12 to 15 cm long, remove 2 to 3 leaves at the base, leave the top leaves and cut in half, and insert them into the insertion bed of humus or river sand. The depth of cutting is Half of the cuttings, compacted after insertion, maintained humidity, began to heal in about 40 to 50 days, and gradually rooted in 60 to 70 days. If the cuttings are immersed in the base with a 0.2% succinic acid solution for 1 to 2 seconds, the rooting rate can be increased.


It is carried out from April to May, using a high-altitude bead method. Choose 2~3 year old mature branches, use the sharp knife to peel the skin 15~20cm from the top, the width of the ring is 1.5cm, wrap it with plastic film, stuff it with moss or humus soil, keep it moist, about 4~5 The roots are healed for a month, and the roots are cut and planted directly.

Grafting and breeding:

It is better to have a rainy season. The commonly-growing 2-year-old hairy rhododendron is a rootstock, and the scion is made of a vigorously grown, germinated Belgian azalea. Mainly branching, the incision is 3 cm long, take the ear 8 to 10 cm, leave the top 2 leaves, cut half, cut into a wedge shape, length 3 cm, insert the rootstock, bind the moisturizing, heal after 50 days, the survival rate is high .

Sowing and breeding:

Spring broadcast in April. Seeds are small, sowing soil needs to be disinfected, germination temperature is 22 ~ 24 ° C, using indoor pots, no need to cover the soil after sowing, just press gently. After about 10 to 15 days of germination, the seedlings grow slowly, and the seedlings are transplanted with 4 cm pots when the seedlings have 2 true leaves. Seeding seedlings take 4 to 5 years to flower.

Flake Graphite is a natural crystalline Graphite . It is shaped like fish phosphorus, and is a six-square crystal system. It is layered and has good properties of high temperature resistance, conduction, heat conduction, lubrication, plasticization and acid and alkali resistance.

Flake graphite is a natural solid lubricant of layered structure, rich in resources and cheap in price.


The flake graphite crystallization is complete, the film is thin and the toughness is good, the materialized performance is excellent, has the good thermal conductivity, the conductivity, the thermal shock resistance, corrosion resistance and so on.


In December 2015, geological prospectors found a large scale graphite mine in alashan, Inner Mongolia. The total amount of graphite resources was 1. 300 million tons, about 7 of the world's recoverable reserves. 3%, average grade 5. 45%. According to the introduction, such high grade, large-scale Graphite Mineral deposits are rare in China. [1]

In 2013, the U.S. geological survey reported that the global scale of graphite minerals was less than 5 million tons. The discovery was made in alashan, which has a large scale of 703 million tons of graphite in the area of zahan mushi.


Classified according to the carbon content

Like C %, 99.9% High Purity Graphite; Ninety-four percent of "C %" is High Carbon Graphite; 80% "C %" is Medium Carbon Graphite; 50% "C %" is low Carbon Graphite .

Classification by size of granularity

When the particle size is smaller than w38 micropowder graphite.


Scale graphite standard GB T 3518-2008



Flake graphite is widely used in the treatment of gold industry of advanced refractory materials and coatings. Such as magnesia carbon brick, crucible, etc. Military industrial firework material stabilizer, smelting industrial desulfurization growth agent, light industry lead pen, electric industry carbon brush, battery industry electrode, fertilizer industry catalyst and so on. The flake graphite is deeply processed, and it can produce the graphite milk for lubricant, deformable agent, drawing agent, conductive coating and so on. It can also produce Expanded Graphite for flexible graphite products such as flexible graphite seals and flexible graphite composite products.


The flake graphite as the functional filler of coating is mainly used for anticorrosive coating, fire retardant coating and conductive coating.

As an anticorrosive material, it has anti-rust primer, such as carbon black, talcum powder and oil, which has good corrosion resistance of chemicals and solvents. If you add zinc and yellow to the formula, it is better to rust.

A graphite interlayer compound obtained from Natural Graphite scales as raw materials, chemically or electrochemically treated. Expandable graphite under the condition of heat, swelling volume (up to 300 times) suffocate the flames, at the same time generate inflation, to isolate the flame, delay or interrupt the effect of flame spread, and itself does not burn, good flexibility, high surface energy, intensity of carbonized layer. But the volume and dosage of the expansive body should be suitable. The test shows that the 150um particles, 30% expansion multiples and 5% dosage are the most suitable.

The flake graphite can be directly used as a carbon conductive filler and can be made into a composite conductive filler for conductive coatings. However, due to the large addition of graphite flake, the coating can be brittle and its application is limited. Therefore, measures are taken to further improve the conductivity of graphite and effectively reduce the amount of graphite flake. Our domestic chemical machinery research institute has developed a high temperature and corrosion resistant resin as basic material, with the strong ability of conducting electrostatic entities large flake graphite flake as the main aggregates, with high intensity of ontology Good abrasion resistance.

The anti - deformation cracking - good short - cut fiber material is a solvent - free thick film conductive coating. The coating has the characteristics of anti-corrosive media penetration, small residual stress, good anti-matrix deformation, stable construction performance and long - term conductive static. Can be used in oil tank inner wall guide electrostatic coating. With electroless plating technique, according to the data of graphite powders metallized, such as copper, nickel, silver, such as the preparation of composite conductive filler, with 30% of the amount used in conductive coating, not only its conductivity is very good, and further improve corrosion.

Flake Graphite

Flake Graphite

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