Scientists made so far the smallest nanopropeller

Scientists made so far the smallest nanopropeller

Scientists around the world are researching "nanobots" in order to use it to accurately deliver medicines to various areas of the body. However, to get these small robots to their destination, some form of advancement is needed. Although some systems are under development, a scientific team from Israel and Germany came up with more interesting ideas to make the world's smallest propeller.

It looks like a wine bottle opener, actually it is a coiled filament made of silicon and nickel, only 70 nanometers wide and 400 nanometers long, probably about 100 times smaller than the diameter of human blood cells.

Unlike an engine, this "propeller" travels by applying a weak rotating magnetic field externally. This causes it to carry the load and spin forward.

To test its performance, scientists placed it in a hyaluronic acid gel that contains a network of polymerized long-chain proteins that are about the same viscosity as body fluids.

In previous studies, larger micron propellers were slow to advance or stagnated. This new type of nanoscale structure allows faster and easier passage between mesh voids.

The technology may be used in the future to allow nanobots to move precisely on the retina. At present, the research paper has been published in the ACS Nano magazine.

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