Floor Industry Segment Strategy

Floor Industry Segment Strategy In 2013, with the improvement of the macro economy and the prosperous property market, the determined floor companies have made different strategic arrangements for the high, middle and low-end markets in response to the situation, and have experienced an industry reshuffle in the flooring industry. We welcome the dawn again.

Customized floor and bigger market Under the premise of the overall market warming up, what will happen to the high-end market in floor consumption? According to Mr. Lin, who is responsible for flooring in the company, when the market suffered a winter in 2012, high-end solid wood flooring was not affected. The impact of the market downturn has even led to an increase in performance. A brand floor salesperson also said that although total sales fell last year, a high-end product that breaks through 1,000 yuan per square meter sold several orders.

"The phenomenon of high-end product sales does not drop back, indicating that the high-end market spending power is still strong, and the market is extremely resistant and stable." Fringel floor sales staff analysis, the majority of home high-end consumer customers are It is not the first rigid consumption that is affected by the economic environment. Therefore, the high-end market is most attractive to companies in terms of price acceptance of such customers.

Custom services will undoubtedly become one of the new ways for floor companies to expand their high-end market this year. For example, Pleasant Floor will launch a high-end customized product "Miki Workshop" in Zhangzhou.

“From the process of long-term service to customers, we can find that the high-end customers are not the most concerned about price, but quality, craftsmanship, service and design.” According to Chen Wei, head of the pleasant floor, the high-end customers’ demand is not only Using rare wood species such as chicken wings, sandalwood, rosewood, rosewood, teak, etc. as raw materials for hundreds of years to meet the needs of high-end consumers in pursuit of natural texture, and in terms of materials, colors and specifications, tailored to the needs of consumers. Build and design a unique paving plan based on the individual's pursuit of the artist's home.

Affiliate marketing has become the most active group in the market by making it a mid-market breakthrough. “However, the income channels of these customers are relatively single, and they are easily affected by the economic environment and reduce the purchase budget.” A person in charge of a floor brand stated that the market sentiment in 2012, and the sentiment of wait-and-see sentiment caused by the decline in psychological expectations has caused many The middle-end consumer group has shifted to the middle and low consumption areas.

While Baotou warms up, affiliate marketing has become a breakthrough in the development of the mid-range market. Wang Liangping, who is in charge of the layout floor, believes that different distributors can share resources and expand their influence in the consumer market. The maximum utilization of manpower, material resources, and related costs at the show will be able to return more benefits to consumers and attract more mid-range customers.

Shiyou floor staff believes that in the second half of this year, the improved group has also occupied a significant proportion. In addition, the scene of this year's hot market, coupled with the success of previous alliance buyouts, may be The mid-end consumer demand in the wait-and-see or restraint state has contributed to the promotion, and the mid-floor floor market has thus picked up.

The low-end market took measures to stabilize the volume last year, the low-end market with a huge market share, many floor brands become a "rescue". The sensitivity of low-end customers to price not only determines the profitability of such products, but also determines the way brands will continue to “stabilize” in the new year. .

“Even if the profits are not big, grasping the overall market share can still make a difference.” Some insiders said that as the low-end market at the bottom of the pyramid, it has the advantage of a large amount and a large share, for many mid-and-downstream flooring brands. In trying to open up the mid-range market, it will be beneficial to firmly grasp the low-end market that needs to flourish.

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