Design submission and drawing review content and process

Designing the bottom refers to that after the construction drawing is completed and after passing the review, the design unit shall, in the delivery of the design documents, make detailed explanations on the construction drawing design documents to the construction unit and the supervision unit according to the obligations stipulated by law. The purpose is to correctly implement the design intent of the construction unit and the supervision unit, so as to deepen the understanding of the characteristics, difficulties and doubts of the design documents, to grasp the quality requirements of the key project parts and to ensure the quality of the project.

Design submission and drawing review content and process

I. Principles for Design Review and Drawing Review

1, the design unit should submit a complete construction drawings: drawings related to each professional must provide complete, complete: important parts of the construction unit urgently needed professional drawings can also be advanced in advance and review, but after all sets of drawings to be required Reunification and review. Now many projects have been started, and the construction drawings are still incomplete, and even the drawings coming later are used for construction. These phenomena are not normal. Drawings will not be omitted for review. Even new drawings added during the construction process should be submitted and reviewed.

2. Before design submission and drawing review, the construction unit, supervision department, construction unit, and other relevant units must designate the relevant technical personnel in charge of the project to look at the plan for self-assessment, preliminarily review the drawings of the professional, and carry out necessary audits and calculations. jobs. All major drawings must be checked.

3. When design submission and drawing review, the design unit must send the main design personnel of the project to attend. The engineering drawings for design submission and drawing review must be confirmed by the construction unit. No construction shall be delivered without confirmation.

4. Any project and construction drawing directly involving the manufacturer of the equipment shall be invited by the ordering organization to the manufacturer's representative. The well shall ask the representatives of the construction unit, the supervision department and the design unit to submit technical inspections and drawings together.

Second, the design of the bottom and the purpose of the review

In order to enable the parties involved in the project to understand the main ideas of engineering design, construction concepts and requirements, the design specifications adopted, the determined seismic fortification intensity, fire rating, foundation, structure, interior and exterior decoration and mechanical and electrical equipment design, for the main building materials, The requirements of components and equipment, new technologies, new technologies, new materials, new equipment requirements, and matters that should be specially addressed in construction shall be mastered to meet the technical requirements of the key parts of the project and ensure the quality of the project. The design unit must design according to the national standards. The relevant provisions of technical management shall be submitted to the construction drawings and systematic design techniques will be submitted. At the same time, in order to reduce errors, omissions, and contradictions in the drawings, the quality risks and problems in the drawings are eliminated before the construction, so that the design drawings are more in line with the specific requirements of the construction site, and rework waste is avoided: the technical disclosure of the construction drawing design. At the same time, the supervision department, design unit, construction unit, construction unit, and other relevant units need to review the design drawings on the basis of self-examination. Construction drawings are the most direct basis for the construction unit and supervision unit to carry out their work. At this stage, most of the construction supervision, design supervision is very few, the drawings inevitably exist, so the design of the bottom of the drawings and the review will become more necessary. Design submission and drawing review are important steps to ensure the quality of the project. It is also a prerequisite for ensuring the quality of the project, and it is also a major step to ensure the smooth construction of the project. Supervision and all relevant units should pay full attention to it.

III. Organization and Procedures for Design Meeting and Drawing Review Meeting

1. The timing of the design of the time and the drawing review will be conducted before the start of the project. The meeting will be decided by the supervision department and a notice shall be issued. Participants should include relevant personnel from supervision, construction, design, construction and other units.

2. The conference organization shall comply with Article 5.2.2 of the “Construction Project Supervision Regulations”. The project supervision personnel shall participate in the design technology briefing organized by the construction unit. Under normal circumstances, the design bottom and drawing meeting shall be chaired by the supervision engineer and the supervision The Ministry and the professional construction units, including subcontractors, prepare the audit records separately. The supervision department summarizes and drafts the minutes of the meeting. The supervisory engineer shall sign the minutes of the design technology submission meeting, and submit the construction, design, and construction unit countersigns.

IV. Procedures for designing the submission and drawing review work

1. Firstly, the design unit will introduce design intent, structural design features, process layout and process requirements, and precautions during construction.

2. Each relevant unit asks questions in the drawings.

3. The design unit answers questions raised by various parties.

4. All units conduct research and coordination on issues and formulate solutions. Write out the minutes of the trial and sign and approve it.

V. The focus of design submission and drawing review

1. Qualification status of the design unit: Whether there is no license design or leapfrog design: Whether the construction drawings have been signed by all levels of the design unit, and whether it has been reviewed by the construction drawing review agency.

2. Whether the design drawings and specifications are complete and clear, and whether the cross-connections such as coordinates, elevation, size, pipelines and roads are in accordance with each other: whether the drawings and expression depth meet the construction requirements: whether the various standard atlas listed in the construction are already available.

3. Whether the technical requirements of construction drawings, equipment and special materials are the same: whether the main material sources are guaranteed, whether they can be replaced, and whether the application of new technologies and new materials is implemented.

4. Whether the equipment specification is detailed, and whether it is consistent with the specifications and procedures.

5. Whether the layout and design of civil structure are reasonable, whether it is closely combined with the engineering geological conditions and whether it meets the seismic design requirements.

6. Whether there are contradictions between the drawings designed by several design units: whether there is a contradiction between each professional, between flat profiles, and between general drawings and subgraphs: whether the plane dimensions and elevations of architectural drawings and structural drawings are the same , indicates whether the method is clear: whether the embedded parts, reserved holes and other settings are correct: whether the steel bar list and the reinforcing bar structure diagram are clear: whether the reinforcement column arrangement of the concrete column and beam joint is clear, whether there is a node diagram: the steel member is installed The connection node diagram is complete: all types of trenches, support hangers (whether the pier, and other professional coordination and unity: whether there is a comprehensive pipeline diagram, ventilation pipe, fire hose, cable bridge collision.

7. Whether the design meets production requirements and maintenance needs.

8. There is no guarantee for construction safety and environmental sanitation.

9. Whether there are technical problems in construction and structure that cannot be constructed or inconvenient for construction, or causes problems such as increase in quality, safety, and engineering costs.

10. Does the fire protection and fire protection design meet the relevant regulatory requirements?

VI. Minutes of design and implementation

1. The project supervision department shall organize and collect the construction drawings and review records and be responsible for the formation of meeting minutes. After signing and agreeing with the participating parties, the minutes are deemed as part of the design document (should be strictly implemented during the construction process), sent to the construction unit and the construction unit, copied to the relevant unit, and filed.

2. If there are disagreements that cannot be achieved through negotiation, they should be reported to the construction unit for approval.

3. If it is decided at the meeting that the design modification must be made, the original design unit shall propose the modification design according to the design change management procedure. After the general issues are verified by the supervision engineer and the construction unit, they shall be submitted to the construction unit for execution: Major problems are reported to the construction unit and the superior. Competent authorities and design agencies work together to solve the problem. All design drawings of the project to be constructed by the construction unit must be submitted to the design review and drawing review. Otherwise, construction work shall not be started. The construction drawings that have been submitted and reviewed will be confirmed in the form of the minutes of the meeting.

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