Application of safe and efficient clamp for high pressure water test

The hydraulic test is one of the important inspection projects in the later stage of the manufacturing of boiler auxiliary machinery and pressure vessel manufacturing industry. Its main purpose is to check whether the welding and materials are blasted under the rated pressure to ensure the safety and reliability of the user. According to the different application requirements of the product, the hydraulic pressure test can be generally divided into three types: low pressure (P_g10MPa). In the pressure test, the inlet and outlet of the product need to be sealed, and pressurized water is injected at the inlet end, so a special pressure test is needed. Fixtures to do this work. For a long time, the characteristics of auxiliary machines and pressure vessel products are varieties.

Exterior Masonry Paint is water based acrylic resin paint. It with excellent weather resistanc and strong resistance to dirty, water, acrylic. Brick Texture Paint can against fading and chalking, keeping facades looking new for longer.

brick texture paint

Waterproof Exterior Masonry Paint has natural real color, gives elegant, harmonious, solemn beauty, suitable for all types of building indoor and outdoor decoration. Faux marble paint has the features of fire, water, acid and alkal resistant, non-toxic, tasteless, strong adhesion, never fade. Marble wall paint can effectively prevent the erosion of external harsh environment for building, extending the life of the building, especially suitable for using in the cold regions. Lacquer construction is simple, and easy constructing.

marble texture paint

First of all, Fireproof Exterior Masonry Paint is a decorative effect resembles the marble, granite thick facade decorative paint, also known as imitation stone coating, the main use of a variety of colors made of natural stone powder. Faux Stone Paint is the art of paint, the production of a very difficult degree of a class of paint is imitation stone imitation of natural stone, the effect of vivid, in addition to a slight lack of hardness, whether it is texture, or color are close to natural stone, including: stone effect paint, faux sandstone paint, Marble Texture Paint, faux fossil paint, imitation of the French wood stone, C840 Textured Exterior Masonry Paint, imitation agate stone, imitation jade, Faux Granite Paint , Brick Effect Paint  and so on. The real stone is mainly composed of high molecular polymer, natural stone sand and related additives made of dry kneading hard as a stone, looks like a natural stone. Used for decoration industry, can play the role of landscaping. With fire, water, acid and alkali, pollution. Non-toxic, tasteless, strong adhesion, and never fade and other characteristics, can effectively prevent the adverse environment of the building erosion, extend the life of the building, because the real stone paint with good adhesion and freeze-thaw performance; Suitable for use in cold areas. And has the advantages of simple construction, easy to save time, easy construction and so on. Scope: high-end residential, villas, commercial buildings, office buildings, star hotels, office buildings and other interior walls, walls, lines, special modeling and so on. Particularly suitable for easy cracking base surface. For example: aerated concrete block wall and so on.

Exterior Masonry Paint

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