The advantages of magnesium aluminum alloy tripod The difference between titanium magnesium alloy and magnesium alloy

Magnesium-aluminum alloy is a kind of material that is more welcome on the market nowadays, its advantages are many, and the style is also many, all are more exquisite, consumers can choose according to their preferences and decoration environment, but many consumers only know magnesium aluminum Alloy doors and windows are better, I do not know how to choose. Then, the next small series for everyone to introduce the advantages of magnesium alloy tripod and the difference between titanium magnesium alloy and magnesium alloy.

The advantages of magnesium alloy

1. Magnesium alloy is light and heavy

Magnesium-aluminum alloy tripod is made of magnesium and aluminum, so it has the characteristics of high metal strength, so it has the advantages of light weight, withstand large-capacity lamp holders, and is convenient for photographers to carry around. At the same time, the wear resistance of metal also bought an insurance for its life.

2, anodizing, uniform color, bright and delicate

Anodized Jie Bao tripod is not only able to resist chemical corrosion, but also has anti-wear, anti-scratch and other advantages. Of course, those who work in photography tend to value aesthetics. Therefore, the appearance of the Jiebao tripod after oxidation is very uniform in the color, making it look very atmospheric.

3, detachable monopod, one can be used

In a limited space, the effect of the tripod cannot be fully exerted, so the effect of the monopod is even more pronounced in this case. However, taking a trip to take two shelves is not only extravagant, but also brings a certain carrying load to the photographer. Therefore, the Jiebao magnesium aluminum alloy tripod, which can be disassembled into a monopod, can provide weight for the telephoto cannon, and it can be easily carried and even used as a walking stick for photographers during mountaineering and other necessary moments.

4, professional ball head

The professional ball heads on Jiebao tripod adopt precise CAM manufacturing technology. The base has a 360° horizontal scale and it plays an important role in the panoramic joint shooting. At the same time, the internal use of dual inclined roof drive locks further tightening force.

5, double shaft locking system, escort for stability

Jiebao magnesium aluminum tripod is equipped with a middle shaft lock and a mid-shaft lock double insurance structure, which can effectively prevent the sudden drop of the center shaft and ensure stable shooting.

6, the inner hexagon lock, smooth operation

The precision Hexagon Axle adjustment lock is a feature of Jiebao Mg-Tripod. This feature ensures that the tripod operates smoothly and feels better during use. This is a major feature of Jiebao tripod.

7, fast board insurance system, unique concave and convex charm

Jiebao tripod's quick-load plate insurance system adopts a concave-type adding channel and a convex-type insurance knob to ensure that the quick-fit plate can be fixed in four directions: front, back, left and right, effectively preventing the quick-load plate from falling off during use. Operation makes the most perfect interpretation.

8, new level instrument, horizontally take it all

For a tripod, its horizontal effect on the shooting effect is the most serious. Therefore, the level function in the tripod is very significant. Jiebao tripod adopts a new level meter, which can guarantee high-precision horizontal and vertical shooting, so that shooting without dead ends.

The difference between titanium magnesium alloy and magnesium alloy

1, titanium magnesium alloy

Titanium-magnesium alloy material can be said to be an enhanced version of aluminum-magnesium alloy, titanium magnesium alloy corrosion resistance and mechanical properties than aluminum-magnesium alloy, but more difficult to process, especially hot processing is difficult. The key breakthrough is stronger and tougher and thinner. In terms of toughness, titanium-magnesium alloy is three to four times that of magnesium alloy. The higher the toughness, the greater the pressure that can withstand, and the greater the ability to support large-size displays. Therefore, even if the titanium-magnesium alloy model is equipped with a 15-inch display, it is not necessary to reserve a wide frame around the panel. As for thinness, the thickness of titanium-magnesium alloy is only 0.5mm, which is half of that of magnesium alloy, and the half thickness can make the notebook computer more compact. Disadvantages: The only disadvantage of titanium-magnesium alloys is that complex laptop manufacturing processes such as welding must be used to create complex laptop casings. These production processes derive considerable costs and are therefore very expensive. Currently, titanium-magnesium alloys and other titanium composites are still IBM-specific materials, which is one of the reasons why IBM laptops are relatively expensive.

2, aluminum magnesium alloy

The main element of aluminum-magnesium alloy is aluminum, and then a small amount of magnesium or other metal material is added to enhance its hardness. Because it is metal itself, its thermal conductivity and strength are particularly prominent. Aluminum-magnesium alloys are lighter in weight, lower in density, better in heat dissipation, and stronger in pressure resistance, and can fully meet the requirements for highly integrated, light and thin, miniaturized, anti-fall and electromagnetic shielding and heat dissipation of 3C products. Its hardness is several times that of a traditional plastic case, but its weight is only one-third of that of the latter, and it is usually used for the casing of mid-to-high-end ultra-thin or smaller-sized notebooks. Moreover, the silver-white magnesium aluminum alloy shell can make the product more luxurious, beautiful, and easy to color, can be turned into a personalized powder blue and pink through the surface treatment process, add a lot of color to the laptop computer, this is engineering plastics And carbon fiber can not match. Therefore, the technology and technical personnel of Li Chengde told us that aluminum-magnesium alloy has become the first-choice shell material for portable notebook computers. At present, the notebook computer products of most manufacturers adopt aluminum-magnesium alloy shell technology. Disadvantages: Magnesium alloy is not very resistant to wear, high cost, relatively expensive, and difficult to form than ABS (requires stamping or die casting process), so laptops generally only use aluminum-magnesium alloy on the top cover, rarely Organic models use aluminum-magnesium alloys to make the entire housing.

Editor's summary: The advantages of magnesium aluminum alloy tripod and the difference between titanium magnesium alloy and magnesium aluminum alloy are introduced here, and we hope to help everyone. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information.

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