Shanghai Welding Smoke Purifier Brand Bodi Operation Introduction

In the company's production workshop, many processing processes generate more or less industrial dust. If it is not remedied, it will cause damage to the health of workers in the long run. [Bodie] welding fume purifier research and development is to purify industrial smoke, Reduce the hazard of dust pollution.

1. Under the workplace of the welding smoke shop, a small amount of residual smoke fumes on the spot contaminated the dust-collecting arm and placed it in place.

2. The welding smoke purifier was not cleared in time after the completion of the work and caused the suction arm to dredge the inspiratory arm and ensure the inspiratory arm was inhaled smoothly.

3. The content of fine dust particles is insufficient to move the coarse particle-containing gas to clean the wall surface.

4. Vapor condensation in the gas, condensation or agglomeration of insulation or heating of the wall.

5. The surface area of ​​the ash wall is not lubricated to treat the internal and external surfaces.

6. The fumes produced during work in the workshop are much larger than the actual amount of pollutants per unit of time of the pollutants, increasing the number of polluters or switching to high-power welding smoke purifiers.

Wuxi Bodi BODHI products have been widely used in various industries in China and have maintained more than 2,000 well-known domestic and foreign enterprises. This customer group is also growing at a rate that doubles every year. We welcome our customers to join our family and we will contribute to the governance of the industrial environment in the Mainland.

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