Anti-"paint" deception is very simple to see the brand start

Paint paint is a good helper for home wall decoration, but how can we pick good quality paint? To buy paint and put paint on it, you just need to stare at a well-known brand and start to protect it.

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Brand paint is guaranteed. In recent years, there have been many problems related to decoration pollution. For home decoration, the problem of decoration pollution has caused many consumers to worry about how to buy paint. Because the paint with pollution problems is like a time bomb, I do not know when it will cause damage to residents. Therefore, in the purchase of paint, we must first pay attention to choose brand paint. Most of the well-known domestic paint brands generally have strict standards for the control of various types of hazardous substances, and paints that meet the standards are generally safe. The paint market is uneven, and consumers should not be greedy for cheap when buying, and must choose paints from well-known brands.

Need to see the paint packaging label. When buying paint, it is necessary to clearly identify the marks in the paint products. These marks should have the product name, implementation standard number, place of production, model, specification, and instructions for use. If you choose a well-known brand, it is generally accompanied by a national exemption certificate, a famous brand certificate, and a Chinese well-known trademark logo. Choosing this well-known paint brand can save you a lot of trouble.

Environmental performance should know. When buying paint, be sure to pay attention to the environmental performance of the paint. The first is the content of formaldehyde. When purchasing, it is necessary to meticulously clarify the specific content. Secondly, we must carefully examine other environmental protection standards for paint, including VOC content, heavy metals, etc. If you smell irritating odors at the time of purchase, it means that formaldehyde, VOCs, and other harmful substances are excessive, and you must be careful to buy them.

Select by room function. When buying paint, different paints should be selected according to the different parts of the brushing. Such as the living room, bedroom and other wall paint commonly used latex paint requires strong adhesion, fine texture, good resistance to differentiation and breathable paint; more humid areas such as the kitchen, bathroom should choose to have waterproof, mildew, more resistant to scrub Performance paint.

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